5 Reasons To Have A Garden Wedding

Congratulations and hello bride to be! Getting married is really exciting, but the most enjoyable (and stressful) part for many couples is the preparation and wedding planning. Though it can be daunting at first, always try to have fun and be creative. Ever since we were 5, we’re already dreaming of our beautiful perfect wedding. Just like what we read on fairy tales, we want our wedding to have the magical vibe of endless romance. If you have the same wish, then a garden wedding might be for you! Here are top 5 reasons why you should have a garden wedding at Tagaytay!

It’s beautiful

A garden is already pretty so there’s no need to worry about expensive decorations or over-the-top designs. The best thing about a garden wedding is you can make the whole venue simple or extremely unique. Whatever your desire wedding theme is, a garden will be a perfect venue for it.

There’s plenty of open space

A garden wedding can provide enough space to entertain your guests while waiting. You could put up a cocktail hour and have a mini bar. Perhaps a photo booth (photo booths are always a hit!), or a cute snack bar where your guests can hang out for a while. Sky’s the limit, anything you think that would be fun would fit. A swingset fit for your theme? Why not!

It can serve as the venue for both ceremony and reception

After the beautiful ceremony, it’s time to pack up again and move to the reception where chances of getting lost exists. The hassle of having two venues can be a nightmare, so why not have it in one place? At a garden wedding, that’s possible especially if the venue is absolutely made for ceremonies and receptions. Your guests wouldn’t have to worry transferring from one venue to another (plus imagine how much money you’ll save}.That’s why choosing the right venue for your Tagaytay wedding is very important.


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Great weather and natural lighting makes the best decorations

And the best wedding pictures! The cool breeze, aura, and beauty of nature adds the whimsical, and vintage vibe effortlessly while the natural sunlight can make your wedding photos extra stunning. Your guests will surely enjoy the cool weather and appreciate the gorgeous sunset.

It’s unique, flexible and creative

The ideal wedding venue is where you can have a blank canvas and turn it into your own style. You’ll have the chance of making your wedding extraordinary as garden venues can allow you to put more decorations and be unconventional. Unleash your creativity on how you want things to be done like adding more lights to trees and plants that can make the whole venue sparkle especially at night.

Need we say more? Keep in mind that the venue is a big element in your wedding, If it’s too dull, crowded or plain it might ruin the whole wedding vibe. Just imagine how beautiful and romantic your wedding will be if it’s in outdoors. If you’re not convinced, just imagine how beautiful it would be at night.

tagaytay wedding venues

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