5 Reasons Why Tagaytay Should Be Your Wedding Venue

Tagaytay is known as the second summer capital of the Philippines, it’s cool weather and undeniable beauty adds up to that relaxing ambiance of nature. Who wouldn’t want to get married here? Here are the top five reasons why it should be your wedding venue:

5 Reasons Why Tagaytay Should Be Your Wedding Venue


  • The scenic views


Tagaytay has many wonderful views that you and your guests will surely appreciate. If you love nature, Tagaytay has a lot to offer. From the view of the famous Taal Volcano, to famous recreational parks and vintage-themed restaurants as well as the fresh breeze and shining stars at night, Tagaytay is surely the ideal place for a wedding.



  • The fresh breeze and cool weather


For many years, Tagaytay is a go-to place whenever it gets really hot in the city. Its cool breeze and weather never fail to make anyone calm and relax. When the night comes, the breeze becomes cooler which is perfect for after parties or just before you hit the sack after that long tiring day (or for your honeymoon, too!). As the second summer capital, you’re sure that its fresh breeze will stay all year long. So whatever wedding date you’ll pick, Tagaytay will provide you a cool and peaceful ambience.


  • City stress-free


Away from the city, away from the stress. The day of the wedding can make the bride and everybody involved in the preparation panic and become twice as stressful than they should be. The cool breeze of Tagaytay as well as the nature feels can pull that stress away from everyone. Tagaytay provides a laid-back lifestyle that everybody desires. That’s why it has been the ‘quick escape getaway’ for the many. After the wedding, you can cool off and relieve your wedding preparation stress behind.

Photo from skyranch.ph

Photo from skyranch.ph


  • Leisure


If you choose to have a wedding rehearsal then most of your guests will check-in at the venue a day or two before the wedding to avoid any hassle. While waiting for the actual wedding day, your guests can have fun and discover places in Tagaytay. The place has a lot of instagram-worthy attractions like beautiful restaurants, parks and other leisure to enjoy. One of the famous leisure in Tagaytay is the Sky Ranch where one of the tallest ferris wheels in the Philippines (The ‘Sky Eye’) stands 63 meters high with 32 air-conditioned gondolas. The Sky Eye will give you a wonderful view of Tagaytay, it’s even better at night. Another one is the Picnic Grove where most families love to hangout. The Picnic Grove is also full of leisure activities like Tagaytay is also famous for their local Bulalo, perfect combination with Tagaytay’s cold weather.



  • Only a 2-hour drive away from Manila


When planning your wedding, you always have to consider your guests. Where will they be coming from? Will they have trouble finding and getting to the venue? It’s important to choose a venue that will be convenient to you and your guests. And that’s the best thing about having a Tagaytay wedding. It’s only a 2-hour drive away from Manila yet you’ll feel like a thousand miles away from all the hassle and city pollution. Since it’s only a few hours away from Manila, you can expect that most, if not all, of your guests will be present. It’s the easiest yet romantic place to get to.


Tagaytay holds a lot of reasons why it’s the best place to get married, to escape the city and to replenish your soul. A wedding in Tagaytay will always be extra special. Keep in mind that the venue plays a big role for your big day. So make sure you choose the right Tagaytay wedding venue that will give you, your partner and your guests the most unforgettable wedding experience.

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