6 Possible Wedding Trends in 2017

Another year means another batch of lovely of I Dos. Each year, more and more couples are planning their beautiful wedding but only a few weddings actually stand out. If you’re newly engaged and want your wedding to be a big thing this 2017, you need to keep up with the trend! We listed 6 wedding trends that we might see this 2017.

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Tagaytay wedding

Removable skirts

The trend in 2016 was full-length gowns ranging from Ball gown, sheath to A-line etc. With so many choices, brides are having a hard time to choose the perfect dress. Then, removable skirts arrived! Now, brides can wear a ball gown or sheath or even a cocktail dress without having to change clothes. It’s a possibility that we might see more of this in 2017.

Garden themed wedding

Garden weddings are not new to the wedding scene but a large number of garden weddings happened in 2016 and this might go on for a much longer time. Garden weddings have a large open space where you can freely design it the way you want it to be. It’s a combination of nature and your creativity to make everything work together. Here in the Philippines, one of the most popular garden wedding venue is in Tagaytay. The fact that it’s only 2 hours away from the Manila also makes it an ideal venue.


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Over-the-top decor

Simple and classy weddings has always been the popular themes, but nowadays, couples are looking for something different to make their wedding memorable and unique. That’s why over-the-top-decorations are going to be in-demand next year. Most of the couples are also taking advantage of the open space of the garden venue. Expect to see a lot of hanging decorations, beautiful, outstanding chandeliers, buffet table, and centerpieces.

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Statement earrings

In a wedding, the first thing we notice in a bride’s look is the dress, then the hair or perhaps the shoes but this year, we’re expecting to see more gorgeous earrings! Statement wedding earrings are perfect especially if your hair will be pulled up in a bun, it’s definitely a head turner and will be popular in the coming months.

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Metallic cakes

Metallic hues are starting to get popular and they’re not going away in 2017. You’ll see more brides choosing metallic colors such as gold, rose gold, silver and copper because they can fit anywhere especially on wedding events. These metallic cakes are combination of class, elegance and ageless beauty.

Creative Ice Breakers

Weddings are getting more and more fun and creative each year, so this 2017, expect to see out-of-the-box icebreakers and guest entertainment. From cocktail hours to photobooths, we’re looking forward for more creative food bars, photo walls and anything out of the ordinary.

These wedding trends are just possibilities and there might be other style or gimmicks that we’ll be seeing so it’s good to keep up to date and read our Tagaytay wedding blog regularly to get wedding tips and the latest trends in the wedding scene.

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