7 Signs You Need a Tagaytay Vacation

Are you feeling lost, miserable, stressed or confused? Then maybe it’s time to stop and breathe for a while, take a deep breath and feel the nature around you as well as the cool breeze. Taking a break is not just for one’s pleasure but it’s also good for your health. Below are the signs you need a Tagaytay Vacation right away… because we all deserve a break.

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Overtime is your new boss

Working overtime again? On a Sunday? Really? Sure, you have this big issue in the office that needed you and your team but it seems that you’ve been doing overtime since you can remember. That’s what vacation leaves are for. When you can’t think straight and can’t handle the pressure anymore, it’s time to take a step back and file that VL.


You’re unusually cranky all the time

At work, it’s totally understandable to be mad sometimes but you should be able to handle a little slip or two. But lately, you’ve been finding yourself making a big deal out of little problems which is something you don’t usually do. You hate it when someone bumps into you, you get irritated easily when you called somebody and didn’t answer immediately. You don’t even like the sound of laughter anymore and all of your officemates and friends are probably keeping their distance from you. That’s okay, being stressed and pressured can cause anyone to be hot-headed or easily angered but too much of it can cause you to lack focus and keep everyone off your radar. Cool yourself off by picking a peaceful place to stay in Tagaytay.



You can’t put your 100% focus to work if you’re nursing a broken heart. It will always cause distraction and you might end up making bad decisions. Leave all the drama behind and grab your friends to Tagaytay for some girls/guys night out. It won’t fully mend your heart, but at least it’s the start.


You’re overeating, over drinking or smoking way too much than usual

Stress-eating, drinking or smoking is very unhealthy and being unhealthy can really affect you. We tend to neglect our health for other things such as career and money but what will it do good if you suddenly faint or can’t stop coughing or got rushed to the hospital? Wouldn’t that be much worse and will definitely affect your work? Let yourself relax once in awhile because besides laughter, taking a break is also a medicine.


You start to make mistakes often

You start to lose your focus, you can’t seem to generate great ideas anymore and you often hear yourself say “what is wrong with me today?” Stress can cause a lot of workplace errors. If you keep finding yourself slipping up then let your supervisor know and apologize for your mistakes. Have some time-off to get yourself back on track.


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You just want some peace and quiet even just for a second

You don’t tell anybody but you’re secretly dreaming of escaping from the city and never coming back. Three words: Rest, Recharge and Replenish. Relax your mind at a silent retreat, find the best team building venue in tagaytay and stay there for awhile, do whatever makes you happy. It’s time to go solo.


You’ve been a robot for so long

You do the same things everyday. You get up, go to work, go home, watch tv, eat and sleep. Then repeat. Lack of adventure in your life makes us feel like there’s something missing. Well it’s never too late, getting away allows you to see a whole new perspective of things, making you discover the world and yourself. Soon enough, you’ll be able to find the reason of your happiness.


Everybody insist that you should go on a vacation

Everybody’s asking if you’re alright, if everything’s okay, if that’s the case then it’s really obvious that you should take some time off. A vacation doesn’t have to be a month or so, you can take a 2-3 day break for awhile just enough time to get yourself relax and reboot, you don’t have to do it far away either; Tagaytay is just a 2 hour drive from Manila. No need for any flight booking or major packing just you and maybe some few clothes. You’ll surely be back on your feet in no time.


Bottomline is, you should not abuse your body, mind and health. Even superheroes get sick too, you know. Having a break from all of the things that life throws at you can do a lot for you, your mind and body. Remember health will always be wealth. So whenever you want to escape the city hustle, keep in mind that Tagaytay’s doors are always open.

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