A Romantic Place for a More Romantic Event

A couple of years ago, I was asked by a cousin where I would want to get married someday. Having been appreciative of nature ever since I was a kid, I remember answering “in a beautiful garden” back then. Now that I have grown up, I think I would still be giving the same answer to anyone who will ask me.


Surely, every woman like me who has hopes of getting married someday dreams of a perfect wedding. Aside from having the spouse-to-be who stands out among the rest and the beautiful bride gown, the venue of the wedding itself must be perfect as well. After all, what better place to hold a romantic occasion than in a romantic venue, right?


Talk About Wedding Venues


Now, if we will be talking about romantic places, Tagaytay will definitely be included in the top of my list. Aside from its amazing climate and peaceful atmosphere, its exquisite scenery makes it the perfect place to hold a wedding. At some point in time, I have decided to randomly browse through the internet for wedding venues in the said province until I stumbled upon this specific website. Right then and there, I knew exactly where I would want to hold the special day: at Villa de Oro.


Upon browsing, I have discovered that Villa de Oro is one of the premier wedding venues in Tagaytay. Seeing its earth-themed graphic garden in the gallery, I knew it was able to live up to my expectations of a perfect wedding place: serene, elegant, and simply breathtaking. In addition to this, the European-inspired mansion will definitely make your honeymoon a romantic and memorable one.


Aside from the basic services, Villa de Oro’s wedding amenities also included a complimentary overnight stay in a one-bedroom suite, the use of the villa for prenuptial photoshoot session, and complimentary couple room accommodation for two nights at Villa de Oro, Boracay.


So I get to be in not one, but two romantic places. Now I am very sure of it: Villa de Oro is definitely the best wedding venue in Tagaytay.


I already have the perfect place in mind. Someday, when I have the perfect person with me, I’ll know where to go and how to make the start of a new and lifelong relationship much more memorable.


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