A Simple Checklist in Preparing for a Wedding

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Getting engaged is definitely one of the bookmarks in a lady’s book, and planning for the big day is a thing that brides look forward to. Planning a wedding can be very exhausting but exciting at the same time. But the biggest challenge in preparation is knowing where to start, especially knowing that wedding is a very sacred union that requires a lot of things to consider. Wedding dress? Venue? Where to start? Well, worry not! Here is a simple checklist for your road to the big day.

Set Your Budget

Wedding requires a lot of spending, even though you are aiming for a simple or grandiose one, budget will always be a factor. So it will be better if before preparing anything else, set your budget first and decide on the size of your wedding. Overspending can also be avoided if you have your budget ceiling set. Being flexible in spending and prioritizing things is a must in order to have a wedding that doesn’t exceed the arranged budget.

Choose a Theme

Now that you already know your budget, you have to choose a theme that suits you and your partner. A wedding theme doesn’t have to be something really specific, it can only be a pair of color. You have to make sure that every single thing will be consistent to the theme, from the decorations, flowers and even the dresses of the bridesmaids.

Setting the Date and the Venue

Many of us still dreams to be married on a date that we considered special to us. It is better to decide for the date and venue early because of course, you still need your target date to be booked. Locally, there is a lot of great venues such as Tagaytay wedding venues. Set it early because who wants their desired wedding date on their desired venue be unavailable? No one, of course.

Know your Entourage

Obviously, a wedding isn’t just composed of a bride and a groom especially if you are planning a traditional one. And a wedding is one thing that we wanted to share with our family and friends. So it is important to set who will be the bridesmaids, the groomsmen, best man, maid of honor, and the sponsors. The members of your entourage play important roles in your wedding ceremony so better prepare well for them.

Finding the Musts

Next on the checklist is finding the other must haves in wedding. Topping the list would surely be the wedding dress, groom’s and groomsmen’s suits and the bridesmaid’s dresses. You also have to get the invitations ready. And then you have to look for a florist, food caterer, a bakeshop for the wedding cake, a photographer, makeup artist and setting your desired music for the special day.

And you’re all done! Just make sure to double check everything before the wedding day comes. And maybe plan for the honeymoon, too. Even though preparation sounds exhausting, every single thing will be worth it for the special day of an engaged couple’s life. So on your big day, make sure to stay calm, and just feel the moment! Enjoy your married life!

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