Being the Best Groom Ever: Planning Your Tagaytay Wedding

groom-planning-your-tagaytay -wedding

Part of being a responsible groom is making a checklist of the tasks that you will fulfill before, during and after your wedding day. Your bride knows that you also have wedding wishes, small details you have been wanting to have since you were a little boy. But she can’t singlehandedly make a dream wedding for the two of you without your inputs.


While you may not be as detail oriented as her, there other wedding plans you can make without seeing the need to step out of your comfort zone. If you want to help your bride make the best Tagaytay wedding, here are six tasks you can fulfill:


Hire a wedding planner

If you really want a perfect wedding without stressing out your bride, hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner can work miracles by turning your dream wedding into a reality. This will save you time and money because of the discounts your planner can get.


Plan the bar

An area that grooms are particularly interested in is choosing the liquor to be served in the bar. In this task, they are more free to choose the selection of the particular drinks that will be made or provided


Prepare your vows

Did you know that Tagaytay wedding venues are the perfect backdrop for tear jerking, finger curling romantic wedding speeches? You don’t have to be a slick orator, or write a very romantic wedding speech that can rival a Nicholas Sparks novel. Your bride will be happy with a wedding toast that is truly personal between the two of you. A speech in front of the most important people in your lives that celebrates the love you share can be one of the finest, most romantic moments of the event.


Support your bride

Be involved in the wedding planning by making sure to attend all the planning meetings your partner asks you to. While you may not have much input into the process, it’s also good that you have an idea what is going on and be supportive of your partner’s choices. Most grooms think that letting their bride have free reign over every decision during the wedding planning is a way of being supportive of their partner. It can actually be the opposite.


While you may want the wedding to be beautiful, not giving your inputs may seem to your partner that you’re not interested in the event, or worse, marrying her.


Be involved with your groomsmen

If you and your partner are running around different circles of friends, there is a chance that she may be too shy to talk to your friends about wedding concerns. Make your bride’s job a bit easier by volunteering to keep your groomsmen in line.


Make sure that you include not only your friends and brothers in your bachelor parties, but her male friends as well. Keep your entourage posted on the information they need well ahead them time to get them fitted with their suits.


Plan the honeymoon

If your bride is fine with planning the entire wedding ceremony herself, you can take the initiative to plan your honeymoon. Discuss with your bride her expectations of the honeymoon before starting to plan. You can start surfing the internet for good honeymoon spots with activities that both of you can enjoy. Make sure to follow the 50/50 rule where 50% of the honeymoon is spent on adventure, or exploring new experiences together, while the other half is dedicated to relaxation such as going to the beach or relaxing after a long day of exploring.


Pick the music

Because your bride is too busy keeping the peace between the members of the wedding entourage, and accomplishing her share of the wedding plans, she won’t have the time to create a wedding playlist for the event. And since this is a party, a so-so wedding playlist won’t be of any help in making your wedding memorable, or at least entertaining. Exhibit your eclectic music taste and surprise her by creating an epic wedding playlist both you and your guests will enjoy.


Surprise her with a gift

Nothing makes a girl feel more special than a heartfelt gift from her partner. Regardless if it’s a large gift or small token of affection, your fiancee will feel special and loved because you took the time to pick out a wedding gift for her.
Planning a beautiful Tagaytay wedding requires massive effort both from you and your partner. While you believe in your bride’s creativity, you can be more involved in the process of your road to forever by helping settle a few details of your big day. She knows that aside from her, you are also the most important person for that day, that is why she is giving room for your inputs and personal touches on different aspects of the wedding. So be involved! Be the knight in shining armor that you are and be involved in planning your dream wedding.

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