Tagaytay Wedding Venue: Guide and Tips

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Almost every girl’s dream is to have a glamorous and memorable wedding – and Tagaytay is one of the best places to hold it. Tagaytay is go-to place in south of Luzon when you need to escape from the city life. Its cool breeze, beautiful ambiance and scenery is perfect for a dream wedding you always wanted. In this article, we provide you a list of things that you can enjoy in your Tagaytay wedding.

Garden Prenuptial Shoots
Imagine your photos in mountains, greeneries, and an overlooking view of the city from a cliff. That’s how your pictures will look like in your garden prenuptial shoots. The ambiance will also help you express your love and emotions in the photos making them a perfect wedding memory for you to cherish.  

Breathtaking Views
Having a wedding in Tagaytay is a sure treat for your guests. It’s near Manila and has refreshing ambiance perfect to give a them a day or two to relax and unwind. They can book a hotel or you can choose a wedding venue with a villa and let them enjoy their free time with nature.

Garden Wedding
Tagaytay is a perfect place for a garden wedding as it gives you a relaxing retreat from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Tagaytay offers a cool climate, privacy and lush scenery that Tagaytay is so famous for. There are venues that offer outdoor and indoor options for your garden wedding too.

Unusual Activities for the Guest
A garden wedding can create several outdoor activities and games that will surely entertain your guests and at the same time, can also make your wedding more memorable. For example, you can place a giant board game at your wedding reception and those who participated in the game will get a surprise gift from the couple.

Creative Giveaways
Wedding giveaways are one of the most anticipated elements during your special day. And since you are already in Tagaytay, why not give souvenirs that the place is famous for such as succulents, coffee, pies, and tarts. Just give them a whole new twist to make them unique and useful for your guests.

Remarkable Wedding Photos
Your dream wedding will not be complete without your wedding photos. While it takes a lot of time and effort to call everyone for a group photo, each snap will be worth it as you’ll have picturesque view of your tagaytay wedding venue. The sunset, the nature and the special people who witnessed your special day.

4 Reason Why You Need To Plan A Company Retreat

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When you hear about company retreats, one thing probably comes in your mind is motivational talk. However, retreats are more than just listening to a motivational speaker. There are reasons why companies regularly hold team building activities so if you’re still unsure why your office should go out and take a break, then read on.

Business Planning Process
Retreats are ideal time to generate business ideas. Each employee has this urge to contribute their creative ideas to further grow their organization. Getting together in a new place away from the workloads enables employees to have that fresh ideas and new perspectives. Taking this break actually boost everyone’s productivity which is beneficial both for the company and its people.

Show One’s Hidden Side
Retreats also let everyone discover things they didn’t know from one another. It is not just some random skills, but also the undiscovered strengths that they can actually contribute to the company’s growth. Each one has a time to shine and share their realest self, talents and capabilities. This is makes the event more thrilling!

Improves Closeness
Employees do a lot of bonding in the office everyday, but spending a couple of days far from the stressful workloads talking, eating and sharing rooms can bring them closer than ever. It creates that special moment far from the bonding they used to do in their desks. By this, they have a chance to know each other and eventually have a closer work relationship. This may also result in increasing their comfortability in working in the company.

Lets Employees Work for One Goal
Employees are commonly separated by departments based on their line of expertise. You have your administrative team, creative team, human resource team, accounting team, etc. By doing retreats, they can work together, discuss challenges, help each other, and in turn, apply the learnings in the office. It will be helpful if you choose a team building venue with enough space to accommodate various activities that promote team work.

Even the simplest company retreat lets an employee feel a sense of involvement and belongingness. They feel that their contributions are important which fuels their purpose at work. They simply drive the business to success so why not give them a meaningful break every now and then?

Now that you’re completely aware of the good sides of planning a company retreat, why not treat the employees in a team building in Tagaytay? Book your retreat with us!

Wedding Preparation: Have You Found The One? (Part 2)

Keep in mind that while you enjoy your partner’s company, it’s important that  you know how much you mean to him/her not just because you’re the fiance but because you’ll be spending the rest of your life with this person and every minute counts.

Ready for the second part of the article? Read on!

You Respect Each Other
Respect is very crucial in a healthy relationship. Without respect, your relationship couldn’t build a deep and strong foundation. Your partner must appreciate the way you live your personal lives. No doubts, no questions, no hesitations.

She/He Supports your Wants
Your partner should support your wants. If you’re a woman who loves watching makeup videos or loves to shop frequently, your man must completely support you. If you’re a man who loves watching a basketball game or to play online games, your woman must support you also. It’s a matter of understanding and being happy about the personal wants of your partner.

Fights are Just A Matter of Seconds
Misunderstanding is also a usual thing in a relationship. Fights do come everyday. But if you met the one, problems are just a paper that flew immediately in your window. Your partner should not turn the problems into a bigger issues and it should be solve in a simple communication between the both of you.

He/She Thinks About Your Well-being
Before your partner acts in a certain situation, he/she must always consider you and how his/her actions will affect your relationship. No fast and selfish actions without your consent or without thinking about you.

He/She Knows Every Little Detail About You
It is so sweet to know that your partner knows every little thing about you. It just means that your partner is passionate about you. What menu do you prefer every time you’re having a dinner date or what drink is your less favorite, or what type of dress you prefer. Even the Tagaytay wedding venue that you are longing for a very long time, it matters to them.

Your Story is Never Boring
Your love story is never boring even if it is told over and over again. Your partner always shows excitement whenever he/she hears the place where you first started dating or how the both of you decided to have a relationship.  Definitely, if you found the one, there is no boring moment.

Discover and Explore Together
You’re the first in his/her head when it comes to new adventures, things to try and all fun activities he/she wants to do. Your partner wants to open his/her eyes with new things with you. He/she is not selfish but a partner who include you in his/her plans.

Simplest Ways is Enough
Your partner doesn’t mind if you’re celebrating a special day in a simple way. You’re both happy in whatever activities you do together. What matters to both of you is you’re together, happy and contented.

You Can Reveal The Real You With Him/Her
It doesn’t matter if you don’t dress well or you have no makeup on. Your comfortable, can be yourself, and can show the real and sincerest you when you’re together. Being true is a big addition to a healthy relationship.

You Can Feel the Sincerity
You feel it naturally without doubts in your heart and mind. You’ve given your trust and you have no hesitations.

Love is in the air indeed. If you have found the one and his/her characteristics are mentioned here, you should get that wedding plans going. Again, chase what your heart desires and be the best partner you can ever be. Congratulations in advance!


Wedding Preparation: Have You Found The One? (Part 1)

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Before planning to step your relationship into the next level, have you ask yourself if you finally found ‘the one’? Deciding to tie the knot is never an easy task so you must first assure that everything falls in the right place with the right person.

Planning your romantic garden wedding in Tagaytay, beach wedding in Batangas, or a wedding in a famous church in Manila is much enjoyable when you’re planning it with your ‘the one’. So here’s a checklist that will help you determine if you are ready to settle with him/her.

He/She Talks About Future With You
Your special someone would talk about your future together whether in a form of joke, serious discussion or it just pops out during a conversation. This person see his/her future with you and you and is looking for your reaction and plans as well.

You Build Dreams Together
You know you’ve met the one when you are already building your dreams together. It doesn’t matter if you’re in different field or different interest, what important is you think about each other’s dreams, you take consider and build one big dream together.

Opens Up About Relationship Problems (and solve it with you)
Problems are usual in every relationship. Sometimes, the other one tends to hide it and you’re lucky if you found the person that thinks that problems is just a simple talks to solve. Communication is a great ingredient to keep the relationship warm. Problems should be talked about and solved together with your partner.

He/She Seek Advices From You
Personal problems also pop out and your partner should be one of the trusted persons to be with you whatever happens. Remember that in a relationship, you will step up, grow up and move up together. Not only you, not only your partner but the both of you.

There is No Competition Between the Both of You
It doesn’t matter if the other one receives more academic awards than you, or the other one has a higher salary than you. Your relationship is not a competition, it is where both you should exceed.

Your Partner Knows How To Make You Happy Naturally
When the relationship has a deep connection, they know each others want and needs. Same thing in making your partner happy, it is an effortless way.

He/She is Your Motivation
Whenever you have so much work load or problems, he/she is the first person to think of, why you’re pursuing that career, why you’re working hard. Your partner serves as your motivation and inspiration and the main reason why you’re waking up in the morning.

Every Little Thing Matters
Your partner is sensitive enough to know the little details. Your sudden change of mood, the scar in your skin or anything because he/she cares about you more than you know.

You’re Not Chasing the Relationship Potential
A well-matured couple doesn’t need to chase what should be or what could be in a #RelationshipGoals. You and your partner know each other more than anyone else. Don’t force anything and don’t be pressured just because other couples are doing it.

Have you checked all the items above? Wait for the second part of this article to complete your list. Remember, this is just written to help you decide and at the end of the day, just follow your heart and whatever makes you happy!

Wedding Playlists That Can Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

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It’s your wedding day and you can’t feel anything but mixed emotions. The laughters you’ve shared, the love that you build together, the challenges that you both conquered and the people you both care about finally fall into the best day of your life.

Let your wedding guests be mesmerized with these special moments by playing special songs, the songs that remind every one that love is a language that can be spoken with music. In this article, we’ll give you list of love songs that you can play during your big day whether if it will be garden wedding in Tagaytay or a beach wedding in boracay.

Here’s the list;

1. Your Love – Juris

You’re the one that never lets me sleep
To my mind, down to my soul you touch my lips
You’re the one that I can’t wait to see
With you here by my side I’m in ecstasy.”

Do you feel the same way with your love one? Add a little more with “Your love is like the sun, that lights up my whole world, I feel the warmth inside. Your love is like the river, that flows down through my veins. I feel the chill inside.”

That is so sweet to see while walking down the aisle.

2. You and Me – Lifehouse

“And it’s you and me and all of the people
And I don’t know why I can’t keep my eyes off of you.”

A song that never goes old and leaves our heart pounding.

3. I Do – Colbie Calliat

“It’s always been about me, myself, and I
I thought relationships were nothing but a waste of time
I never wanted to be anybody’s other half
I was happy saying I had a love that wouldn’t last
That was the only way I knew ’til I met you.”

The song’s title is very timely on your wedding day, right? If you want to lessen the tension of your emotion, why not having a song with a beat that can let your guest do some moves?

4. I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

“So I won’t hesitate
No more, no more.
It cannot wait,
I’m sure.
There’s no need to complicate.
Our time is short.
This is our fate,
I’m yours.”

The upbeat music and the lyrics of song not only gives ‘kilig’ but also let’s your guests sing with you.

5. Best Day of my Life – American Authors

“I’m never gonna look back
Whoa, I’m never gonna give it up
No, please don’t wake me now.
This is gonna be the best day of my life.”

Of course! It’s the best day of your life!

6. All of Me – John Legend

‘”Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections.”

The rich and soulful voice of John Legend adds sweetness to this song.

7.A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

“I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more.”

This is probably one of the most famous songs on the list. Would you not wait for true love?

8. Marry Me – Train

“Marry me
Today and every day
Marry me.”

A sweet message for your one and only. <3

9 I Love You Always and Forever – Marion Aunor

“Everywhere I will be with you
Everything I will do for you
I love you always forever
Near and far, closer together
Everywhere I will be with you.”

The beat and the lyrics if this song can set the mood of your wedding. You and your guests can dance to it too.

10. The Luckiest – Ben Folds

“And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know

That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest.”

Have you watch the movie “About time”? This song will always be remarkable.

11. Your Theme Song

Save the last song for the best. Think of the song that reminds you of how you’ve met years ago or it can be a song that he/she used to sing for you. Reminisce, feel the love and remind yourself that this is the best day of your life. You’re finally here and indeed, the luckiest person on that day. Cheers and congratulations!