Team Building Activities in Tagaytay You Can Try


Team building activities are arranged not only to help the employees let off some steam, but also to rekindle the sense of teamwork among each other. It is an opportunity to rekindle the employees’ awareness and interest in the organization. This results to the employees’ renewed motivation to contribute in the company’s attainment of its vision, and even revive love for his/her work.


The best way to make your team building event work is to organize activities that will rekindle their sense of teamwork and let them enjoy time away from the stress and responsibilities of their job.


Collaborative group activities

Collaborative group activities requires the attendees to work together. When people work together to achieve a goal, such as solving a riddle, they become driven to collaborate ideas and give suggestions, both of which are important in establishing teamwork in the workplace. Activities such as scavenger hunts work well as a collaborative team activity because everyone in the group will have to contribute ideas and skills to finish the task.


Outdoor group activities

Outdoor group activities are opportunities for the employees to work together outside the confines of the office. Letting your team spend a day out closer to nature helps refresh their minds and take a breather from the worries and responsibilities of their job.


Team building venues in Tagaytay, are great for outdoor team building activities because of its picturesque view and cool climate. Whether it’s an enjoyable activity like group games, or more structured team building activities like an obstacle course, or scavenger hunt, any activity under the morning sunshine gives participants an added boost.


Food centered group activities

The attendees may have different interests and hobbies but one thing is for sure: food will definitely bring them together. You can negotiate with the team building venue if they can arrange food centered group activities for your employees, such as cook offs and workshops. It’s also a great way for the attendees to communicate and get to know each other better because activities like this get each member involved. Food centered group activities require creativity, as well as their team and leadership skills.



Activities like workshops, training, seminars and talks are effective in achieving improvement in the workplace because it helps create initiatives, plans, process and actions necessary to achieve particular business and organizational aims. Many team building venues have amenities, like functions rooms, that allows you to try different types of team building workshops and exercises.


Professional development workshops allow employees to bond while providing them with an opportunity to learn and develop their skills. These workshops can be related to their job, or one that touches a broader topic such as a leadership seminar. These activities also let them learn new things related to their field and generate ideas they can apply to their job.


Team building activities allow the employees to destress, and allow them to get to know one another outside the professional environment of the office. Look for a team building venue in Tagaytay away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, and closer to the serenity of nature. That way, they will be more free and comfortable to interact and work together with other people.


Try team building activities that will not only challenge your employees individually, but also motivate them to built rapport with their co-workers. Once they have established good relationships through the team building activities, it will be easier for them to work together and collaborate inside the workplace.  (photo courtesy of Pinterest)

Things You Should Know When Planning A Tagaytay Wedding Reception

Next to the ceremony, the reception of your Tagaytay wedding is another huge concern that must be planned carefully. Without an organized plan, your wedding reception can turn from a heartfelt meal you will share with the special people in your life, into a fiasco that can spoil your big day.


We understand that you want your Tagaytay wedding to be perfect, where everyone is happy with the outcome of the event. But there are things you should know when planning your Tagaytay wedding reception, especially if you are planning to host a large crowd:


Not everyone is going to love your reception

A sad fact, but it’s the truth. Your wedding is a personal event, one that (must) reflect you and your partner’s personalities and interests. And just like any other aspect of your life that you share with other people, not everyone is going to love every minute of it. Your food may be too bland, the venue too crowded, or the servers not efficient enough—your guests are bound to have a feedback on your event. Be prepared for snide comments  and even unsolicited pieces of advice from guests and relatives, and deal with them without spoiling your special day.


You are responsible for the alcohol intake of your guests

things you should know when planning a tagaytay wedding reception


The moment you decided to serve alcohol to your guests in your Tagaytay wedding reception makes you responsible for their alcohol intake.  An open bar may be the couple’s display of generosity, but to the guests, it means free alcohol all night. To keep your guests controlled, hire experienced bartenders who can recognize a guest who’s having too much to serve cocktails and drinks to keep the alcohol regulated in the venue.


You should be mindful for any allergy

Before finalizing the menu, should know which of your guests have food allergies, or a religion that forbids them from eating a certain type of food. What they eat in the event may not be your responsibility, but you can be considerate enough to ask them for any type of food they cannot eat to give them a chance to enjoy your well planned menu.


It can be expensive if you are going to serve every kind of meal there is. Before nailing down you catering, ask your family members and guests for any food and drink allergy they may have to save yourself from any casualty that may arise that can spoil your special event.


Your budget is important —for everything

From your decorations, to your menu–your budget determines the look of your wedding day. It’s easier for your wedding planner to create a beautiful wedding when they know how much you are willing to spend. Decorating a Tagaytay wedding venue can take a few thousands of pesos off your budget, depending on the number of guests you expect to attend, and the theme. On top of that, you also have catering, decorations and even transportation to consider when deciding budget allocations.


Your budget, coupled with your wedding planner’s creativity and connections, can make or break a potentially memorable wedding, so it’s important that you are honest with your wedding planner about your budget.


Know what you want

A fickle minded person is difficult to work with. The same thing is true when planning a wedding. It helps if you go to your wedding planner with a vision of what you want for you big day, or at least some rough ideas about it. Having an idea of what you want for your wedding makes your wedding planner’s job easier. But–


You should learn to compromise

We know that it’s difficult to compromise your wedding, especially when you have been dreaming of this day since you were a child.  You hired a wedding planner for the sole purpose to make your big day beautiful and seamless. But part of getting the job done requires teamwork between you and you wedding planner. It includes learning to compromise and being open to changes and suggestions made by your wedding planner, especially if you are working with a limited budget.


A good wedding planner can create a beautiful wedding, no matter how much you are willing to spend on your special event. It’s already a challenge for them to work on a budget, and the least you can do to help them is learning to compromise for the sake of practicality and efficiency.


Things to Bring on Your Next Team Building

what to bring to your team building-team-building-venues-in-tagaytay-team-building-venue-in-tagaytay

You’re reading this because you might have no idea what to bring to your upcoming team building. You’re worried of packing too much, but you’re also anxious about not bringing the important stuff. Don’t worry! We’re here to give you some guidelines on what to pack for a hassle free team building.


Rain gear


The weather nowadays is unpredictable.It can be sunny and bright when you arrived in the team building venue, but it may rain the in middle of your activities. If you find lugging an umbrella around inconvenient, you can just bring raincoats which can be folded to fit a small bag. You can also bring waterproof shoes in case the venue gets slippery when it rains.


Comfortable clothes


You don’t know what you’re going to do in your team building activities, except during the event itself. You’re probably going to be running around the venue all day for the games and other physical activities so make sure to bring comfortable shoes and clothes with you.




Team building venues in tagaytay lets you bask in the warm glow of the sun. Prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun for a long period can be harmful to your skin. Make sure to protect your skin from sunburn and allergies by applying sunscreen before stepping out. Some sunscreens works for only a few hours, so don’t forget to reapply when you feel like you’re getting too exposed to the sun again.


Insect repellant


Mosquitoes thrive during the rainy season. Keep away from insect bites by brings along insect repellants with you.




You’re going to be active all day from all the  activities you will be participating in. Your team building venue will mostly likely have potable water. But it’s better to be prepared by bringing your own drinking water. Keep yourself hydrated by bringing along your water during the activities.




As we have previously mentioned, the weather nowadays is unpredictable. This makes you susceptible to different illnesses such as colds and fever. Worse, the humid air and pollens can trigger allergies. Make sure to bring medicines with you, especially if take maintenance medicines, or if you have allergies. If you have medicines which cannot be easily bought in convenience stores, make sure to pack those in your bag.  


Hygiene kit


You’re going to feel sticky and sweaty after a long day of participating in the activities. At the end of the day, you’re going to want to take a hot bath. Don’t forget to bring a hygiene kit with you so you won’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a store which sells shampoos. For girls, there is a possibility that your team building will not coincide with ‘that’ time of the month. Team building venues have their own convenience stores where you can buy these. But what if you’re in the middle of your scavenger hunt when you suddenly started getting cramps? For good measure, bring along with you a handy hygiene kit which contains wet wipes, extra band-aids, sanitary pads and even extra underwear. Pack it small but complete so it won’t be heavy in your handy bag.  


Make sure not to overpack (to the point that you can barely lift your bag from the ground), nor underpack (where you only brought the bare essentials—and nothing else). Be alert of the weather forecast to have an idea of what to bring. Also, take note of the duration of your stay in the venue, and what activities you will do. You’ll be able to enjoy your team building if you don’t have to worry about emergencies because you already have what you might need handy. And don’t forget to bring:


Your smile 🙂


Your team building doubles as your company’s treat. Relish the free time to have fun and bond with your co-workers. Remember that pictures look better when you smile, so don’t forget to bring it along on your next team building. Enjoy!

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Reward Your Employees


The most important aspect of every corporation is its employees. The work they do puts the company closer to its vision. They accomplish the reports, submit the outputs and create the products the company will sell to its customers. Those may seem like small tasks, but they are important in keeping the company at its peak. They sacrifice their time, effort and even their personal lives just to get their jobs done.


The efforts employees put in their work warrant some reward from their employers as a token of gratitude. After all, behind every successful corporation are its dedicated employees who diligently do their tasks.


So why is it important to reward your employees? Here are some reasons:


Reduces employee turnover


Just as we see short tenures in previous workplaces employees’ resumes bring red flag to us, our employees also look out for companies with high employee turnover rates. Just as we ask them why they left their previous job, they would also wonder why not many employees last for a long time. Making your employees feel that what they do for the company is important motivates them to stay in the company.


Improves team culture


Rewarding your employees inspires them not only to invest in their efforts, but their emotional commitment as well. Seeing that their efforts are appreciated motivate your employees to work harder. A culture of equality and reward motivates them to be more engaged in their work. Positive environments breed employee engagement and make them enthusiastic about going to work.


Improves performance


According to psychology, rewards serve as positive reinforcements. Positive reinforcements strengthen a behavior by providing an outcome an individual finds rewarding. Employees tend to work harder if they know that their effort will result to a good outcome. Rewarding your employees will motivate them to volunteer to do other tasks if they feel like their efforts are being recognized.


An environment where employees feel like they are important motivates them to stay in a company, and that their efforts are recognized. Why not bring them to team building venues in Tagaytay to let them have some bonding time with their bosses, as well as with their peers? Not only that, it’s also an avenue where they can let some steam off, away from the pressures and confines of the workplace.


So why reward your employees? The answer is simple: it’s a way to thank and motivate them  Reward serves as a gesture of thanking your employees for their hard work, and to encourage them to do better.


Checklist for a high performance team building

pexels-photo-398532 (1)

Have you ever wondered why companies plan team buildings? Have you ever asked yourself how it is supposed to affect the team’s performance in the work environment?


Team buildings has its own goals for the company, and most especially, for its employees. Whether it’s for camaraderie, self discovery or an annual get together, participants must join and give their best shot during this event. And giving your best requires the following preparations. Read on.


The team must understand the goals


Each and every game or challenge must have a goal and meaning for all the participants. Knowing the goal of each activity makes them understand the rationale behind the work. Likewise, every team member must be committed in attaining these goals. Clear expectations and goals means having a quality team work, accountability and positive outcomes.


Open, honest and respectful communication


Participants must be free to express his/her thoughts, opinions, and suggestions during the team building. All members must value each other’s ideas. This is to give each member a strong sense of belongingness. This contributes to a more comfortable, enhanced and reinforced organization.


See each member of the team as unique


With different experiences, point of view, knowledge and opinions, each member can provide his/her own contributions to the team. Take advantage of the differences and use them as strength to form a high performing team. The more diverse the team is, the more the strengths and ideas the team will come up with.


The team must agree on the procedure on resolving the teamwork problems and conflicts


Each member of the team must work towards the mutual resolution of problem and disagreement. Having a mutual understanding within the group results to a smooth and easy team building activities.


Everyone is a leader


Each member has his/her own important role in the team building. Even the person incharge of planning, the one assigned in searching for the team building venues, or the person tasked in preparing all the activities, they all have important contributions for the success of the event.


If you have this checklist in your team, success and greatness on the team will follow. Enjoy and good luck on your company team building!