Capturing the Most Romantic Wedding Moments in Villa De Oro

Weddings are dubbed as one of the most special events in a couple’s life.  When planning for that day, everything must be close to perfect, not only because it serves as an entryway to the next stage of their relationship, but because it only happens once in their lifetime.

Photograph Significance

Given the fact that a wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion for lovers, an important process to make every moment be remembered in the generations to come must be carried out – wedding photography. Looking back at your wedding pictures after a few years of getting married, you, your partner, and your kids, will be reminded of how happy everyone were in celebrating the beginning of a wonderful family life through those delightful photographs.


Every time you attend a wedding in Tagaytay, or in any nuptial venue, chances are you’ll dress up, buy gifts for the soon to be married couple, and of course, you’ll not forget to bring your camera with you. Although many couples usually hire a photographer to take pictures during the actual wedding and the reception, it must not stop you from taking pictures of yourself, and of course, the happenings on that very special event.


You, yourself can also be a photographer

With or without an official photographer, you, and all the other guests still have the chance to take your own pictures. Not only will you have your own collection of photos, but just imagine how ecstatic the newlywed couples could be once you show them good snapshots of romantic moments that the photographer did not had the chance to capture. Amazing, right?

ed_EAN4615Here are some of the wedding moments that are worth a shot.

  • The “Nanay” helping her grown up bride with her dress.

  • The “Tatay” taking a last look at her little girl before she walks down the aisle.

  • The groom and his best man goofing around before the wedding.

  • The groom, with a smile on his face, waiting for his bride to arrive.




  • Them crying moments. Sniff. Sniff.
  • Those “xxchange of wedding vows, “I do” and “You may kiss the bride” moments. Aww.
  • Those smiles that represent everyone’s glee for the successful marriage

  • The emotional Father-daughter dance

  • The bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife

  • The cutting of the cake

  • Bouquet toss and the passing of garter

  • The bride and groom taking their leave and saying goodbye to their  guests.

But, of course, just remember, my friends, to be respectful to the official photographer. Avoid getting in the way of his subjects as much as possible. You can always stand beside the photographer or have your own spot in taking pictures. Be creative, and perform some photo testings. There are plenty of shots and angles that you can experiment too.

To have a good set delightful photos,  have your wedding held here in in Villa de Oro.

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