Checklist for a high performance team building

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Have you ever wondered why companies plan team buildings? Have you ever asked yourself how it is supposed to affect the team’s performance in the work environment?


Team buildings has its own goals for the company, and most especially, for its employees. Whether it’s for camaraderie, self discovery or an annual get together, participants must join and give their best shot during this event. And giving your best requires the following preparations. Read on.


The team must understand the goals


Each and every game or challenge must have a goal and meaning for all the participants. Knowing the goal of each activity makes them understand the rationale behind the work. Likewise, every team member must be committed in attaining these goals. Clear expectations and goals means having a quality team work, accountability and positive outcomes.


Open, honest and respectful communication


Participants must be free to express his/her thoughts, opinions, and suggestions during the team building. All members must value each other’s ideas. This is to give each member a strong sense of belongingness. This contributes to a more comfortable, enhanced and reinforced organization.


See each member of the team as unique


With different experiences, point of view, knowledge and opinions, each member can provide his/her own contributions to the team. Take advantage of the differences and use them as strength to form a high performing team. The more diverse the team is, the more the strengths and ideas the team will come up with.


The team must agree on the procedure on resolving the teamwork problems and conflicts


Each member of the team must work towards the mutual resolution of problem and disagreement. Having a mutual understanding within the group results to a smooth and easy team building activities.


Everyone is a leader


Each member has his/her own important role in the team building. Even the person incharge of planning, the one assigned in searching for the team building venues, or the person tasked in preparing all the activities, they all have important contributions for the success of the event.


If you have this checklist in your team, success and greatness on the team will follow. Enjoy and good luck on your company team building!

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