Details Of Your Tagaytay Wedding You Should Be Paying Attention To

Certain traditions have been cut for either for the sake of practicality, or that it does not suit the tastes of the couple. Modern couples are more into making their weddings centered upon them, rather than a show dedicated to please their relatives who they may have met only once in their lives. Rather than a showcase of opulence, millennial couples pay more attention to the memories and the intimacy of their special day. The same reason is true as to why they opt for small tagaytay weddings with only their closest friends and family  in attendance.


But there certain details that will make your wedding incomplete when done without such as:


The Bride’s Dress

Paying attention to the bridal dress does not necessarily mean that it has to be the biggest splurge for the event. You can use a simple white gown, if you are doing your wedding outdoors, of a hand me down wedding veil from your mother. You’ve been dreaming about this dress since you were a child so do yourself a favor and spend some effort planning for your wedding dress.


Your vows


Your wedding speech is the main highlight of the event where you are given the chance to express your undying love for your partner. Pay more attention to what you will say and how you will convey your message to your partner. While this is a very personal aspect of the ceremony, you have your parents, your in laws and your partner himself/herself to listen to your message, so it’s best that you choose the best words to perfectly convey your innermost emotions.


The program

A creative program wherein guests can actively participate is perfect for tagaytay weddings. A well planned wedding program determines the smooth sailing of the event, as well as the order the guests will have to follow through. Working with a professional wedding planner on creating the program will make the task simpler and easier to manage. Tell your planner the parts of the event your wish to highlight and which ones you and your partner wish to do without.


The menu

Menu cards are designed to complement the wedding theme. Beyond the aesthetics, these also serve as your guests’ guide on what you will be serving for the reception. The right presentation of the menu will help your guests be on the lookout for their favorites, and any food they might be allergic to. Make sure they are written legibly so your guests can properly read the food being served to them.


Wedding gift for your partner

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a material gift. A nice, heartfelt letter to your partner is a meaningful way to connect with each other before you get to see each other at the end of the aisle. Your wedding gifts to each other are the most important presents for the day because a gift is an expression of gratitude and love you have for one another. It may be as simple as a keychain, or a picture of the two of you, but chances are, a gift from each other are the ones you are going to treasure forever.


These are just a few reasons that will help you understand why the details matter .Your tagaytay wedding does not have to be grand like the ones you see on TV. When you look back on you wedding pictures decades from now, it is the detail of the most important moments of your big day that you will be remembering. Rather than the bling and the praises you heard that day, it is the feeling of finally being one with your one true love is what makes your wedding the most memorable day of your life.


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