First Steps in Planning Your Dream Wedding

First Steps in Planning you dream wedding

After saying yes to that one life changing question, what do you do next? Planning your wedding, of course!


Some people hire professional wedding planners to lessen the hassle but why not make the experience more fun by doing it yourself?


Make the announcement


The first step to having your wedding is to tell specific people about it first. And by specific people –a.k.a. your parents. Couples who want to get married get sentimental over their parents’ blessing and well wishes. Some believe that it can bring good luck to their upcoming married life.


Getting the job done is easy with internet. So why not make the announcement even more special by telling them the good news in person? It’s more rewarding to see the happily surprised look on your parents’ faces and feel the warm hugs after making the announcement than a simple ‘like’ on an e-mail or Facebook message.


Talk about it


Women are not the only ones with a dream wedding in mind–men, too! Sit down and talk to your groom-to-be about ideas. Talk about what you two want to happen and do on your wedding day. It’s also time to talk about the theme you want; whether it will be a beach wedding, rustic themed, a classic church wedding, or a peaceful garden wedding. You’re still talking rough ideas, so no need to talk about money—yet.


Think about the timing


You don’t have to talk about an exact date yet. But it’s good to have an idea what month you want to marry in. We have 12 months in a year, all with different kinds of climate. If you want to have a garden wedding, you might want to plan your wedding in the summer, like March or April. Or if you want to welcome the new year with a new spouse, you can have your wedding in December or January.


And since we are talking about the timing, you should also start on your guestlist. Who do you want to be on your wedding day? It is your big day, so you can call the shots on who you will invite to witness the next big step in your life. Planning your guest list ahead of time can help you determine where you can hold your wedding, how much it will cost (the price usually depends on the number of guests you will have), and whether timing is involved, especially if your guests will come from a far province or overseas. Thinking about the timing of your big day can help you determine who is most likely to attend. You can tell them ahead of time, especially if they will come from far places or overseas. This is to let them plan their flight, or tell you ahead of time if they can attend or not.


Your predefined guest list may change later, but it’s good to have an estimate of how many people will attend.


Talk about money


Once you have an idea of when and where you will wed and who you want to attend, you can now talk about the budget for your wedding. Nowadays, it’s common that the couple themselves pays for the wedding. But it’s still good to ask both sets of parents if, and how much, they are willing to contribute. It’s also the best time to discuss how much you and your partner are willing to spend four wedding. It’s easier to work with a definite budget early on, rather than having to adjust and readjust your plans as your money allocation changes as planning continues.


Get organized

Buy a notebook and separate it into sections per category. This way you can organize your needs and write down the amount of each item. That way, you can take note of your expenses and monitor them. This is important regardless of your budget.


Look for the perfect venue


Of course, the venue will vary depending the theme and budget of your wedding. You may want to say your I do’s in your hometown, or you may have a destination in mind. There are times when the couple holds their wedding in a place that is in between their homes and their parents’. But if you want to have a destination wedding, just make sure that everyone you really want to join you and your groom can afford to travel.


For example, there are many Tagaytay wedding venues to choose from where you can hold your dream wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask around, search the internet, or even drive around the area and look for potential venues.


You may also want to book an accommodation for any guest who may come from far places and may want to fly in ahead of time.


It’s important to nail down the logistics before going into the details of your wedding. It’s good to determine your guest list first before making the seat plan, and whatnot. Look first at the rough sketches of your wedding plans before refining the details. Make sure to have the commitment of your suppliers first. Planning is more fun if there are no problems with the bigger details. You will be planning your own dream wedding so make sure to enjoy every moment of it.


Remember to also include your groom in planning because it’s not only your wedding day, but it’s his, too. Aside from you, he is also the most important person on your wedding day.  Happy planning!








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