Forget Typhoon Maring and Start Relaxing

The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration announced Public Storm Warning Signal No. 1 last August 17, 2013 as Typhoon ‘Maring’ entered Metro Manila and frightened the rest of Luzon with continuous heavy rains and thunderstorms.

 From August 18 up to August 20, Maring showered the Philippines with two inches of rain an hour, which quickly caused flood in different areas of Luzon. Work and classes were suspended as many were trapped in one place for a day or two. Roads were affirmed not-passable, which left the Filipino citizens and even tourists no choice but to swim across the enormous flood to get home.


The weather and massive flooding killed at least 15 people and obliged families from different areas of the country to vacate and reside in evacuation centers, while their homes were being submerged by waist-deep flood. More than one million individuals were badly affected and the damage had brought the Filipino public in dismay.

Wednesday morning, August 21, 2013 – Maring left the Philippines leaving the entire Luzon enclosed with flood and misery. Many have gone busy cleaning mud-filled roads and millions were stuck in evacuation centers, all desperate for help.


Retreat Houses to Help Forget the Damages Caused by the Typhoon

Today, the Filipino people are slowly moving on from the tragic incident, hoping that it will never happen again. Employees got back to work, students went back to school, and everyone treasured the lesson they learned from the typhoon.

Although everything went back to normal, many are still feeling stressed because of all the delay to work and school. Many are still thinking about how to fix their damaged houses or cars. In a nutshell, stress is still present.


Villa De Oro is a relaxing retreat house in Tagaytay that never fails to provide comfort to every visitor and customer. Now that numerous individuals are all-stressed out, we believe that many are in need of a perfect place and a peaceful time to just escape the noise of the urban and let go of all the pressure.

 If you visit VDO Tagaytay, we pledge to give you, your family and your friends the most serene 2 – 3 day vacation of your life. Aside from the fact that our place has comfortable green surroundings, we also provide exceptional Tagaytay accommodation that your group will surely enjoy.

Here in Villa De oro, we understand how everyone is longing to have a calm time.

Visit our website and contact us today!

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