Fun and Exciting Team Building Games Ideas

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Team building activities give good momentum to every member of your organization. They offer a great opportunity for communication and better understanding between every member. After you choose your team building venue in Tagaytay, it’s time to come up with the most exciting part, your games!

Gather all your members now as we list down some fun team building game ideas, both indoor and outdoor:

Indoor Activities

1. Game of Creativity
Participant: 2 to 3 groups with equal members
Tools Needed: A random list of objects
Game Instruction:
One at a time, a member of each group will pick a word from a list of random objects. After picking a random word, he/she has to go up in front and demonstrate its use. The rest of the group will guess what the player is demonstrating. However, the demonstrator cannot speak, and his/her demonstration must have creative and wacky twists.

Game goal: This exercise can boost everyone’s creativity and innovation.

2. Personal Test
Participants: All employees
Tools Needed: None
Game Instruction:
This game must be prepared the day before. Each member must write 3 different facts about them in separate papers. These will be folded and put in any container. On the team building day itself, each player will pick 3 papers and determine which member best describes the fun facts they picked. After guessing, whether they’re right or wrong, the player whom the facts described will stand in front and tell a story of why they wrote them.

Rule: The person who will keep the fun facts must ensure that there no member has the same description.

Game Goal: This team building activity will let each member of the team know each other better.

3. Clients Scenario
Participants: 2 to 3 group with 5 members
Tools Needed: List of possible problems encountered by the company clients
Game instruction:
Possible problems are written on a piece of paper and will be given to each group. These will depend on the company industry. One at a time, each group will present the possible solutions they picked. Other groups may ask questions to other groups. The team leader will then decide which group presented the best solution.

Game Goal: This team building activity will enhance the problem solving skills and creativity of each member.

4. Blind Drawing
Participants: Groups of two
Tools Needed: Pen, Papers, a Picture (Any random photo)
Game instruction:
Have each person sit back to back. One will hold a picture, and the other person will hold a blank sheet of paper and a pen. The person holding the photo must not show it to their partner. Instead, he/she will describe the image (without using words that will give it away), while the other will draw what is being described.

For example, the photo is a cat standing on a bench. It can’t be described as “draw a cat standing on a bench”. Instead, use other terms like “On the upper left, there is a straight line with a curve linings on the edge”, etc.

In the end, the partner will view the original photo and the drawing.

Game Goal: This team building activity helps improve the communication skills of each group.

Outdoor Activities

1 Island Hunt
Participants: Group with equal members
Tools Needed: None
Game instruction:
Assume that you’re on an island. You’re all stranded and no one will pick you up unless you give them a signal. The team building venue serves as the whole island. Each member will pick at least 3 things in the “island” that they think will save them. After hunting, each team will explain why they came up with those things.

Game goal: This team building activity helps in improving members’ problem solving skills along with their creativity.

2. The Perfect Shape
Participants: All members
Tools Needed: Cotton for blind folding, long rope
Game instruction:
There must be one leader. He/she will then gather the team into circle and put on blindfolds to everyone. Then, they must take the long rope with the ends tied together, and place it on each member’s hands for them to hold it. The team leader will instruct them to form a shape (ex. square, triangle, etc) without removing their blindfolds.

The team leader can add twists to the game. For example, members are not allowed to speak.

Game Goals: This team building activity helps with both communication and leadership skills. There will be one member of the team who will inevitably want to take charge and communicate the directions.

3. The Field
Participants: Groups of two
Tools Needed: Any random objects (ex. bottles, clothes, etc.) and a masking tape
Game instruction:
Find an open space. Each edge of the open space must be surrounded by masking tape, it could be a circle or square). After taping, scatter the objects inside the shape. Have everyone paired up, one will be outside the shape, while the other one will be inside and blindfolded. The person outside the shape must lead the other one inside to get those objects, using only verbal communication. The blindfolded person cannot speak at all. To add a little twist, create specific routes that the blindfolded person must walk on.

Rule: The person outside cannot step inside the shape.

Game Goal: This team building activities helps build trust, communication and improve listening skills.

4. Jog the Memory
Participants: Groups with equal members
Tools Needed: Boxes
Game Instruction:

Each group will be given time to find objects. It can belong to them. At least 20 are required for this activity. Then, they must put them all in a box. The boxes will be switched with the other group. Each group will be given 20 seconds to stare at the box and remember the objects they see. In 60 seconds, the other groups must list down the objects they saw in the box in a piece of paper. The score will depend on the names of the objects the other team put inside.

Game goal: This team building activity will enhance the memory of each member and improve their teamwork.

5. Acid Walk
Participants: 6-10 members in a group
Tools Needed: Hard objects they can step on.
Game instructions:
Line the hard objects closely together. These will serve as the members’ steps for a specific destination that the team leader will decide. While holding hands, the first person in the group will act as a leader who will guide his/her members to reach their destination. The team that walks together in proper coordination wins.

Game Goal: This team building activity will help develop cooperation and synchronization with each team member.

Hope you all have fun in your team building games!

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