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Tired of the most common wedding customs and practices you’ve been seeing for the past years of your life? Do you and your partner want something fun and different on the day of your wedding? Here are some cool wedding ideas you can use to keep the energy high and  keep you and your guests entertained throughout the whole day of your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Activity Day


One week before the wedding, gather your bridesmaids and groomsmen for any activity you wish to do. Have them over your house for a few drinks, have a pool party organized, and invite them to play a game like volleyball or basketball. Any activity would do as long as it involves interaction between the two parties. The purpose of this is for the guys and the girls to get to know each other more so that they’ll feel closer and more bonded on the actual wedding day, and all the days after that.

Let the Guests Know About Your Love Story


How? By putting it in the aisle runner on the church of yourchosen wedding venue in Tagaytay. You don’t need to put everything in detail. Just put the most memorable ones in it – from your first date up to your engagement. Then you and your partner will stand at the end of the aisle which confirms that the both of you have made it and are now going to live a happily ever after.

Don’t Forget the Kids!


For all we know, the kids are just innocent people who won’t really pay attention on the actual ceremony. On your reception, the best thing you can do for them is to have an area filled with crayons and toys they could play on until the day ends. That way, your mom friends can enjoy the wedding without worrying how to take care of their kids.

PS. Keep the kids area safe, secured and free from any harm.

Shower your guests with food and Drinks!


You know how much we, Filipinos love food. So, on your wedding day have a beer bar, an ice cream bar, and a food stall in all the corners of your reception area. The food and drinks need not be expensive or superb. Filipinos always enjoy the simple things, meaning having those street foods and the most typical alcoholic drinks present on your wedding day will complete everyone’s day.

Take Some Advice


To majority of your guests, ask for the best advice to your guests for your relationship to last. Only this time, you’ll do it on paper. Hand out stationaries or cards to your loved ones. On that paper, they will write what they think is the secret to a happy marriage. Before the day ends, gather the cards and put it in a jar or any container. On you and your partner’s honeymoon, you can read all the advice together and apply them in real life

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