How To Improve Teamwork in The Office

No matter how skilled employees are, if they cannot work together or function as a team, this will further result to poor output or unfinished tasks. Check out the following tips on how you can boost teamwork in your office.

Give team incentives.

There is no better way to ignite teamwork in the office than giving rewards for team’s achievement. According to Allan Orr,  author of “Advanced Project Managemet,” give team publicity for its work. This will make the team members see not just the true meaning and value of their job but it will also make them realize the importance of working together as a team. A compliment or a small token could come a long way in boosting a team’s rapport.

Organize team building activities

Collaboration would be way easier if the people involved are at ease working with one another. Though employees work together in the office for eight hours, they are too busy working on their own task. Organize team activities to give them a chance to really bond and get to know one another. This could just be a simple meeting in the office or in a coffee shop nearby or better yet, spend the weekend together once in a while in team building venues where the whole team could participate in various team building activities.

Define the roles of team members

In order for a team to function cohesively, each member should have a clear idea of what their role or function is in the team. Gather the whole team before commencing a project to define skill sets and deadlines. Delegate task according to ability and make sure to get all members involved in determining the feasibility of the required tasks.  This will save you from possible setbacks due to unrealistic targets.

Determine and address existing problems

Identify the causes of strife by keeping an open communication with the team members regarding different problems such as unresponsiveness, failure to meet deadlines, personality differences and conflicts over proceeding with a project. There are times when members just talk about such issues among themselves which is okay but make sure to address problems the moment they arise and not let the problem grow larger.

Resolve disputes

Make sure that disputes and conflicts among the team is being addressed properly by providing a detailed instructions on how to go about it. A team who knows exactly how to resolve conflicts among themselves is more likely to function more efficiently together than a team who doesn’t.  Encourage them to talk  directly to the person they’re having problems with. If necessary, a clear documentation of the problem should also be secured. Promote being solution oriented instead of creating a culture of blame by encouraging them to provide guidelines on how to improve the situation.

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