How to Keep the Nerves Down on your Big Day

How to Keep the Nerves Down for Your Big Day

It’s that day– the one you have probably been dreaming about since you were little. It’s that one day you have been preparing for a very long time. You’ve waited and planned for this perfect big day. And now that it’s here, you can’t keep yourself from fidgeting around and getting sweaty in nervousness. But as nerve wracking as it can be, you should at least try to relax and enjoy this momentous event. Here are some ways to keep a cool head on your wedding day.


Have a moment to yourself


Sometimes it is not the thought of getting married which is what makes brides to be jittery, but the people surrounding them. It’s only normal that they get excited, and the high energy can sometimes be draining. Amidst all the chaos of preparing for your wedding, take some time for yourself. Take a few deeps breath, or maybe listen to some music. If you are having your special day in a Tagaytay wedding venue, the views you will see will surely help you relax and breath even for a few minutes. Having a moment of peace works a lot of wonders on tamping down those nerves and help you make the best of the moments to come.  


Forget the formalities


Formal wedding receptions which requires seat designations can cause some nerves, especially to the person put in the spotlight. Keep yourself from jitters by keeping it casual. Instead of putting up a dais where you and your new husband will have your first meal as wed couple, why not put instead a large round table and sit among your closest friends. That way you can joke around and share a laugh or two with them.


Tell someone how you feel


You are surrounded by people who love and support you. And if your best friend is around, even better! Tell someone your worries and allow them to comfort you. Sharing your worries with someone and hearing inputs from a third person’s point of view can help you rationalize your worries. It’s relaxing to hear some words of assurance especially during times like these when everyone’s attention will be on you.


Make time for other plans


The best way to keep our minds from worrying is to keep ourselves busy. You probably had weeks, months even, before the real wedding day. So make some plans like a day at the mall with your friends, or even a simple day of relaxation by yourself. Making other plans keeps your mind off your worries for the wedding day. You also get to spend time with other people which can help you let loose.


Surround yourself with positive people


People with a positive outlook in life gives off a positive aura which rubs off on people they spend time with. Surround yourself with people who can laugh off their worries and problems, chances are you will imbibe these habits. People’s moods will have a great effect on you, especially in a day as special as this. So don’t let anyone get you down and gravitate towards positive people to keep your mood happy and light.


It’s normal to feel jittery and nervous on your wedding day. After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event witnessed by your loved ones. Take some time and take yourself away from all the hassle and nerves to let yourself enjoy this. You’re supposed to feel happy and in love, not scared and tensed.

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