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A team must always work together for a better outcome but sometimes it can be difficult to communicate with them. They find it hard to stick with deadlines and planning seems like a heavy workload so how do you motivate them to give their all at work? Here’s some tips to follow:


  • Trust and Confidence


Give your team especially new members clear tasks. Show them that you trust them and believe that they can achieve a certain goal. Once they feel appreciated and important, they’ll work harder than last time.


  • Responsibility


Part of trusting your team is giving them responsibilities. Allow them to work independently. Only take action when one of them encounters a challenge or is asking for clearer instruction on a unique situation. It’s important for them to be able to make their own decisions between difficult situations but that doesn’t mean you won’t guide them anymore. Just check them from time to time, asking if there’s any difficult problem. Keep reminding them how important your objectives are. They will take their job more seriously if they know that they are responsible for a certain task. They’ll be more determined and happy to get the job done.  


  • Challenge


Once they know their tasks, give them deadlines. Explain to them why you need this by tomorrow or how deadlines are relevant to their goals. Give each task a purpose and goal, that way, it will give them a clear direction on where they should be heading. The purpose of giving out a challenge is to hone them and make them competitive in a good way. They need to learn how to use their strengths  and be the best they can be.


  • Team Building


Making each of your members moving is great but now you need to make them work as a team. You need to motivate them to blend with each other and work in a harmonious way. The best way to do that is through team building. It’s important to find a good team building venue that will allow you to move freely and be creative and flexible.

Also, meet your team halfway; don’t just decide the details on your own, ask their opinions too. With team building, you’ll be able to give simple and fun tasks to them and see how they work together. Once the activities started, observe the problems on each group and see why some of them won and lost. Then that’s how you detect their next activity. Team buildings are not just fun games, the purpose if this is to strengthen your ties with one another, making each other feel like family so don’t forget to talk to them. Share your own stories, likes and get them to share their own experiences as well in order to get to know them better.


  • Be the Example You Want Them To Be


It can start with the simplest things like following the rules or being late. Don’t tell your team to arrive on time if you can’t do the same. Set a good example of them. If they’ll be used to the fact that you arrive early before them, they’ll surely avoid slacking and get themselves arrive on time. Remember to don’t do to others what you don’t want to happen to you; there’s a difference between being a boss and being bossy. Learn to respect everyone because that’s how you gain respect as well.


  • Communication and Transparency


Hierarchy can’t be helped in team projects but keep in mind that ideas can come from anywhere, even from the bottom. Make sure to include them in brainstorming sessions and listen to what they have to say. You’ll be surprised to hear different ideas and perspectives on the project/issue. Also, never leave what you learned from the team building. Make it a habit to talk to them at least once in awhile and ask about their work, if there’s any difficulties or anything they want to voice out. Maybe they want to try working in a different department or maybe they have suggestions to make the project or even the company better. Never underestimate your team as you don’t know how much of an asset they can actually be.

All of this boils down to transparency. If you’re transparent with your team, they will be too because with that they can assure that you trust them and they can trust you. That’s an important part of building a better communication within your team.

Keep in mind to engage everyone in every issue and project. Be a leader not a monster. If you follow these tips, you’ll see results in no time. Remember to appreciate your team’s effort and work but know their limits too. Instead of pointing out their weakness, pull out their strength instead. Encourage them to be the best they can be.

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