How to Plan a Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower is not easy as it may seem. In fact, there are loads of things to consider and think about. If you want to throw the best shower ever then follow these steps.

How to Plan a Bridal Shower



Set a date

It should be a month or two before the wedding. Make sure to pick a date where everyone especially the most important people of the bride is available. (Also make sure the bride is available that day too!)


Choose a theme

Want to add a little spice? Then pick a theme! Choosing a theme can be fun, but remind yourself that the theme should always stick to the bride’s personality and interest. Does she like afternoon tea? Then maybe you can have a tea party or if she likes superheroes then maybe you can all dress up as her sidekicks. Never forget that she has to be the star of the party. (So yes, she has to be Wonderwoman).


Can’t think of anything that she’ll love? Then why not base it on their wedding. For example, if they’re having a Tagaytay wedding then maybe you can set up an outdoor, nature-like party or you can just have it in a big garden and be creative!


Create a guests list

Make a guests list for the bridal shower. Don’t forget to invite the most important people of the bride like her mother or childhood friends, even her favorite mentor.


Pick a location

If you picked a theme, make sure it matches your venue. If you wish to have it in a retreat house or in a nice simple place you better make the reservation as soon as possible.


Make your invitations

Likewise, the theme has to be applied in the invitation as well. Though buying invitation is always an option, it’s still  better to personalize it. If the bridal shower is a surprise, don’t forget to state that in the invitation.


Photo from: @ecinasha

Photo from: @ecinasha



Discuss the budget with the bridesmaids

Together with the bridesmaid, decide on how much you actually need to spend. If you can do some D.I.Y. and save up some money, that will be great.


Finalize the decorations, centerpieces, menu, music and activity.

Along with the discussion of the budget with the bridesmaids, finalize the decorations, menu, music and other necessary factors. Decide what will be more appropriate that goes well with the whole theme.


Make a to-do list

In order to not forget anything, make a detailed to do list and follow it. With the bride asking for help in the wedding and planning a bridal shower, it surely can get complicated. Better make a list and keep things organized so everything wouldn’t fall apart.


Rent equipment

If you’re going to use some equipment like linen, lights etc. Make sure to inquire early in the rental company.




Send invitations

Along with the beautiful invitations that you made, sending a ‘save-the-date’ email is also a must. Better yet, why not make a calendar event on Facebook? (make it a secret if the bride shouldn’t know) It will be much easier to confirm the attendees if there will be any conflict or concerns and even suggestions.


Shop for party goods, props and decorations

It’s time to buy all the necessary elements that will be used in the shower. Don’t buy in the last minute so if anything goes wrong, you have more time to think of a solution.





Buy a shower present

Remember she’s getting married, so better make sure she gets something that will be useful in her new chapter.


Pick up any equipment, stands, materials that will be needed in the party.




Assemble and organize the favors



Confirm the reservations, the guests, the equipment, food, flowers and other orders. It’s to make sure everything’s in place.


Visit the venue and create a plan on where you’re going to put the decorations.

Setting up decorations seems a bit easy – but it’s not. Knowing where to put all the decorations can save time and avoid any delay.


Prepare food

This is the part where you can buy all the necessary ingredients (if you’re not ordering food) for the menu.



Arrive early together with your bridesmaids and set up all the decorations, food and equipments. Make sure to check everything and run the last minute errands.


There you go! Just remember to stick to schedule and make a to-do list. Also, always have a plan B – Z because believe it or not, a lot of things can go wrong on the actual day of the shower. So be sure to have a backup plan in case things don’t go according to plan.

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