How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget


Everyone has their own idea of a dream wedding but not everyone has the money to achieve it. We have to admit that getting married can be costly but the good news is that it is still possible to have a beautiful wedding in a tight budget. Just be sure to consider the following tips.

Choose an accessible venue.

The wedding venue is a very important factor in achieving one’s dream wedding. Some couples choose to marry at a place special to them while others prefer the most popular and expensive venues available.

One of the keys in having a great wedding venue in a tight budget is the venue’s accessibility. You don’t have to look far, there are so many breathtaking wedding venues near the city.

One of the most popular venues when it comes to wedding is Tagaytay. Apart from having so many beautiful wedding venues, Tagaytay is also close to Manila, making it very accessible for the people attending the wedding. Hence it will save a couple from spending a big amount of money on transportation.

Seek help from a wedding planner.

When hiring a wedding planner might sound like an additional expenses, having a wedding planner can actually be budget-friendly.

A wedding planner is an expert in organizing a beautiful wedding in any amount of budget a couple has. They know how to haggle and with years of experience they probably have a good relation with different wedding shops that can give you discounts on your purchases.

Rest assured that you’re getting the most out of a tight budget while still having time on other important things like your everyday job.

Be mindful of the number of guests.

We’ve all heard of the saying “the more, the merrier.” But that doesn’t sound like a good idea if you only have a tight budget to work with for your wedding.

One of the dilemmas a couple encounter when planning for the big day is the pressure of having to invite so many people to their wedding. It’s fun to have a lot of guests in the celebration but since budget is an issue here, the number of guests to be invited should be limited.

Since the families of both the groom and the bride have their own list of people to invite, in order to avoid conflict, the couple together with their families should come to an agreement about the number of guests in the wedding. After doing so, each family gets to choose who to invite to the wedding.

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