How to Tell if Your Employees Have Had Enough

It is every manager’s dream to see their employees working hard and enjoying what they do but there are times when their performance at work suddenly decrease.  If you are suspecting that your top employee is already burnt out, the following signs would confirm your suspicions.

Decrease in Productivity and Quality of Work

If there’s a decrease in sales, deadlines are not being met, increase in client complaints due to low quality output, the first thing that will come to your mind is that your employee is becoming lazy  and needs to be reprimanded. However, if your dependable and top performing employee suddenly turns unreliable, there’s a possibility that this behavior is due to the fact that she is overworked or simply isn’t enjoying what she is doing anymore.

Sudden Disengagement

A clear sign that someone is interested or excited about a certain project or work is when an employee is eagerly making suggestions, offering feedbacks and is willing to collaborate with the rest of the team to resolve challenges.

According to an article published at Forbes, an employee who suddenly becomes disengaged is usually just focused on her workstation, refuses to participate in team meetings and is usually found in the corner instead of contributing useful ideas like she used to.
Complaining Becomes More Frequent

Once in a while, it is normal for an employee to complain about a specific task or her day at work. It’s a different story though when you hear constant complaining and negativity from someone who used to be the source of energy and encouragement.  It is a clear sign of being burnt out.

What You Can Do

Regardless of how good or dedicated an employee is, there is always a possibility that they would feel tired, bored and eventually be burnt out. So if you are seeing the signs mentioned above happening to your most reliable employees, you better start acting on it right away.

Make sure that each employee gets equal distribution of the tasks to be finished. It will also help to switch things up a bit by keeping the workload varied. Also, after working so hard, it’s also good to unwind and strengthen the team’s rapport in a team building venue you’ve always wanted to visit.


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