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Everything’s all set for your Tagaytay wedding, you hired a photographer, picked the centerpieces and booked your  Tagaytay wedding venue, now comes the hard part, writing your vows. Writing your vows can be fun or quite hard for some but don’t worry, here are some tips to get you started. Though  it may seem too much but you’ll be thankful once you’re in front of the altar and in 30 years from now.


  • Read lots of examples


Perhaps the hardest thing about writing a vow is the introduction. You just don’t know where to start. So that’s why it’s great to read a lot of examples before you start. Get examples from movies, TV shows and real people then narrow your top 5 favorite. Once you’ve done that, you can study their style, tone and what made you drawn to them.


  • Agree on a tone and format


First of all, you need to talk to your fiancé about whether you’re both comfortable writing vows. Consider your religion, tradition, cultures like if there’s a certain format your religion follows because those are the important details that you always have to keep in mind. Then agree on the tone, format and personality of your vows. Will you write it in English? Do you want to insert some humor or do you want to make it poetic and see your guests cry? Whatever it is, it’s good for you and your partner to have the same tone. Remember, you’re marrying each other means you have to be in sync all the time. You’re a team.


  • Write notes about your relationship


Go back to your lovely memories and jot them down on a scratch paper. Jot down everything you can remember, good times, romantic times, even the bad ones that lead you to fall in love much deeper. Highlight the important ones, the climax of your relationship and why did you decided to get married. Once you have everything jotted down, it’ll be easy for you to re-arrange them, edit them and add some details. These notes will be the outline and guide in writing your vows.


  • Make it personal


It’s okay to copy more than half of the example vows that you read but never let someone else’s words over power yours. Your vow still needs to sound like you, feel like you and must come from the heart. Be sincere and add your own twist to those vows.  Also, avoid clichés as much as possible. Learn to rephrase famous lines like instead of saying “Love is kind and patient” say something like “I will love you even if it takes you forever to get dressed”.


  • Take out anything embarrassing, inappropriate and difficult to understand


It maybe your special day but the people you invited in your wedding is still part of the moment. Avoid anything too cryptic like code names, inside jokes, inappropriate moments. Just imagine listening to your vows a few years from now or try to fit in one of your guests’ shoe and imagine how your vow will sound to them. If you’re okay sharing your vow before hand, have a close friend or relative read it and listen to their opinions.


  • Shorten your vows to one to two minutes


A long vow can make a drag. You don’t have to put your whole love story to it. Just highlight the important points. Have an intro, body (very important point) and closing (can be your promises).


  • Write at least one to two promises


Promises are the most important part, that’s why their called vows for a reason. You can go general to something specific. Just make sure these are something that you can live up to.


  • Say it out loud


Practicing your vow loud is great to avoid tongue twisters, difficult words to pronounce and long sentences. It will always sound different in your head so reciting it is a must to see what else is needed to be edit and rephrased.

Some vows have lots of revisions, but don’t fret because it will be all worth it, you need to make sure you take it seriously to avoid embarrassment and regrets. Make your vow meaningful by being yourself and being sincere. It’s not bad to read examples as a way to guide you or as a jumpstart but make sure you grab the wheel. Keep in mind that the best wedding vow will always come from the heart and soul. Congratulations and have a happy wedding!

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