Importance of Having a School Organization

School has officially started and as students across the globe settle into their classes, posters and announcements inviting students to get involved in an organization will surely be all around the campus. These posters are placed by organizations ranging from singing, dancing, drama, sports, arts, to academics. These posters encourage students the chance to pick the group that suits their interest.

Student organizations and extracurricular activities are effective mediums of empowering students to gain experience and skills that may lead them to a brighter future. They can help students discover their hidden talents and improve the skills they always loved doing. If you’re not sure whether or not to continue joining, here’s a list of benefits you can take in once you fill out those forms.

Strength and Physical Benefits.

School sports team and dance organizations often have regular practices that necessitate every member to perform different exercises for strength, mobility and skills. Physical activities deserve a spot on your daily schedule as they promote a healthy lifestyle of taking the responsibility to exercise every day.

Time management

Being in an organization can be stressful sometimes due to all the academic and non-academic tasks you are obliged to do. Because of this, students tend to improve their time management skills and they learn to balance, multitask and prioritize the important things in their school life


School organizations often require their members to give their commitment to the group, because every training session you miss to see does not just affect the absentee, but also the whole group. That said, students will be obligated to learn the value of commitment and realize that it is vital in every group.


When you join an organization, you give your commitment to that activity for a period of time. With this in mind, you get to build lasting relationship with your peers. This may be done through having a team building in your chosen team building venue in Tagaytay, or through a simple get together during the weekend – any method that can lead to having a good connection with everyone will do. The important thing is that the whole team gets to build good rapport and gets to know each other more at the end of the day.

In conclusion, the importance of extracurricular activities is unavoidable in your high school and college life. As the saying goes, “Knowledge does not only come from books, but also from experience.” Every person deserves to learn the secret to success by learning how to interact with the world.

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