Memorable Things to do Before School Starts

Summer vacations are not all the time fun for most of us. Admit it! It’s already May and all you did for the past months is stare at your computer screen, browse a few things on the internet and talk to your friends through social media. Yes, you can feel the summer heat in your home, but you can’t actually embrace the feeling as you are not outside, on your summer attire, enjoying the light of the sun.


Well, the good news is thatsummer is not yet over and you still have time to plan and turn your bumming days into memorable ones. So, start stretching and get those bodies ready for what’s about to be a superb summer.




Every person has a hidden talent that may still be developed through workshops and trainings. So, instead of sitting for 24 hours at home, discover what you love doing the most and attend a summer workshop that can help you improve in it. Summer workshops and classes are all around the web, and you can already find one that best suits your needs in just a few clicks.


Take a Beach Getaway


If you’re concerned about the money that will be used for one getaway, again, make use of the web and look for vacation deals you can afford. Swim, have a boat ride, surf, party, and do all the activities you can do on your chosen location. When you go back home, you can boldly tell yourself that with all the activities you completed all, the expenses paid are definitely worth it.


Arrange a Team Building for your friends whom you’ve missed


If you’re a member of an organization in or outside your school, you can start calling your co members and invite them to plan a team building for the whole team. Before school starts, it’s nice to have one last time to relax and let go with your friends at any place for a night or two.


Have a happy family time


If your friends are too busy or are miles away from you, don’t fret as you can always invite your family to spend the last days of summer with you.Team building venues in Tagaytay are always present to give you the best summer experience ever. There will be no worries about the expenses because you know that your parents and your elder relatives are going to cover them up for you. And besides, who could say no to a once in a lifetime family bonding?


Go on a hike


This activity may sound dangerous, but with the right company, a very determined heart and a strong body, going on a hike is definitely possible. This is something not everyone has tried before, so it will be very fulfilling to have done it yourself this month. Don’t do it alone though. Stuff like this requires extreme adult supervision.

Summer only happens once a year, so why not make the most out of it? This 2-month vacation may not always be fun for you, but with the right effort and escape attempt, your dream summer will definitely be within reach.


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