Organizing a Team Building: Setting your Goals

A team more likely becomes highly motivated and positive to give their best performance when they are given a certain goal. Activities associated with setting their goals can boost the spirit of their group simply because it makes them feel more authoritative and more in control. When a team knows how to set their goals and create procedures on how to accomplish them, they become more optimistic, productive and more focused to get all tasks done.

With that said, a team that understands the process and importance of goal setting is the one that gets their priorities straight and get things done despite all the consequences that come in the way. So, in every action, in every activity, it is always important to lay your goals on the table to keep the discussion going and for everyone to sincerely accept any challenge.

To develop the group’s enthusiasm to achieve something, one of the best ways is to give them a few days off or use the whole weekend in managing a team building for them. Do not worry about the location because there are certainly many team building venues in Tagaytay that you can choose from. The things you need to focus on are the activities that you’re going to perform for the entire time. Here are some of the activities that can boost their goal setting and motivational skills.

Valuing your team through forums

The fact that you have organized a team building for them is one plain sign that they are being valued. Next step is to gather them all together in a round table and have a forum with them. Talk about the purpose of the team building and let them know that each and every one of them are the golds of the company, that every single contribution and every single accomplishment is a huge asset in building up the company.


Through this forum, you can also discuss about your goals for the upcoming months or years and let everyone speak out on how they think the company is going to achieve all these goals. You can also discuss about how the company started, have fallen short and succeed in going through the entire dilemma. That way, everyone will be more eager and excited to share their thoughts, opinions and strategies.

Games that can set your goals straight

After the forum, you can now move on to the games where everyone can test and exercise their flexibility, focus, trust, confidence, passion and communication skills. First on the list – building each other’s trust.


  • Human Spring – Divide one team into two then let them pick their partners. Let the pairs stand face to face with each other. Have their palms touch together and then instruct them to lean towards each other. Ask them to move their feet backwards every one minute without letting go of each other.  The pair with the furthest feet apart and remains standing wins.
  • Minefield – Again, have your groups divided into pairs. One will be the instructor and one will be the blindfolded follower. The follower will not be allowed to talk. The only thing he needs to do is listen to the instructions and the directions of his instructor. The location will be a huge field filled with anything – chairs, round papers, ropes, or bottles – as long as it can create an obstacle to trip a team mate up. The instructor will then give instructions and the follower will do as the instructor says. The only rule is to not hit a single obstacle or else they get to start from the beginning.
  • Survival Scenarios – This is a simple game that can test the teamwork and decision making of each group. For instance, a boat the team is riding on is about to sink and the only thing they have with them are huge bottled waters, bandana and soda cans. How can they survive with these things? Creativity is also tested with this one.
  • Obstacle races – This game will test the competitiveness and eagerness of each team to win.  In this game, teams will try to solve and finish a series of obstacles as fast as possible. Each obstacle must have puzzles or certain physical tasks they need to accomplish to move on to the next level.  Strategy and cooperation are a must to this game.
  • Message Relay – This is one of the most common games here in the Philippines. All teams will line up and the person in front will be delivered a certain message. These persons will pass the message to the person on his back then pass it again to the next person. The last person will shout the message or relay the message to the person in charge without any changes. The team who delivers the message fastest and without any mistakes wins.

Through these team building activities, everyone will surely go home, go back to the office with new learnings, realizations, and positive points of view. For this annual event to be successful and fun, everyone must be a good leader who gets to identify the issues at hand and good followers who can understand and address to all the dares and challenges directly. The main goal is to win, and most importantly, to have a good vision and objective for the team and for the whole company.

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