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So you might be planning to have a surprise 50th anniversary party for your parents or maybe they asked you to plan it for them as they have been waiting for this event to come. Don’t be afraid as planning a golden anniversary can be simple. Just make sure you plan ahead and follow these tips:


Choose a venue

When you finally settled on a date (either the exact wedding date or close) it’s time to book a venue. This 2017, it’s predicted that a lot more couples will have a Tagaytay wedding due to its beautiful scenery, the cold breeze it provides and the fact that’s it’s only a 2-hour drive from Manila. It’s also nice if you like to plan it outdoors if you want more space and creativity.


Guests List

Consider how big you want the party to be, and then start writing the guest list. List down the important people first such as close friends, relatives etc. Then add the other guests if you can still accommodate. Have a minimum and maximum number of attendees and use it as guide in creating your guest list.


Plan food and beverages

Since it’s a golden celebration, expect guests from different ages. So, picking out food and beverages will be tricky as you need to satisfy everyone. Consider picking out healthy foods for the seniors, a little meat and beef for adults, and sweets for the kids. Pasta and wine is always a safe and delicious choice.



Celebrations like these needs to be have more effort. Even though email and social media is already a thing, it’s still better to hand out invitations personally or via snail mail, they’ll appreciate it more. Plus, most of your guests are probably not tech-savvy especially if they are your parent’s friends. Just be creative and put some effort to the invitation. Also make sure that you remind your guests about the attire, theme, location, date and if they need to bring anything. And don’t forget to remind them to RSVP so you’ll know how many people will come.



Minimalism works, especially at golden celebrations. But if you have nice decorations in mind then why not go all out? Just remember to consider the couples who are celebrating, your guests and theme (if any).  Tip: Anniversaries are meant to celebrate the years of marriage. Why not gather all their sweet moments in either photo or video and remind them the reason why they got married (and lasted that long) in the first place.


Toast and Tributes

Toasts and tributes are two of the highlights of the party. Arrange at least 2-3 days in advance for that person (or a few numbers of people) to give a toast. Make sure to have a non-alcoholic option for toasting as not everyone drinks.  Have a blank journal too where people can leave a message for the couple since not everyone can give their own toasts.


Capture the moment

Today is the age of technology, even without a professional photographer, almost anyone can take a picture. Though, it’s still best to hire a professional since they can capture the best moments of the wedding, like they say, leave it to the experts.


Planning a golden anniversary is much like planning for a wedding minus the ceremony. You can be as creative as you want to be but keep in mind that this celebration is about the couple and their years of romance. If it’s not a surprise, don’t be afraid to ask them what they want. Good luck!


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