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Many of us have experienced the relieving sensation of having a retreat. For sure, those who experienced the process can remember the inspiring lectures of our mentors, the sincere prayer sessions and the time for a heartfelt reflection during your retreat days. The practice allowed you to escape all the distractions you’ve been facing for a long time and just embrace all the positivity that you need in order to move on and let go. It helped you a lot emotionally and whether you admit it or not, you’d be willing to join or organize one today in order to experience the satisfaction and help all the people that matter to you.


Here are some guidelines for planning or joining a retreat:


Look for the best retreat house in Tagaytay


In this type of activity, venue matters. You’ll be spending at least 3 days in your chosen retreat house in Tagaytay, and it is important that at first sight of the place, you guys could already feel heavenly and relaxed. Inclusions must have special rooms for speakers, tables and chairs, of course, exclusive use of the chapel (if any), and function hall, sound systems and most importantly, snacks and white board. If these are included in the package, then you already picked the perfect venue.


Set your qualifications:


It is up to the organizer to decide how many participants he is going to invite and require to attend. It is also your decision whether or not you’ll have an age limit for the event. Everyone must observe the course guidelines you prepared and must be willing to adapt themselves to the conditions you’re going to provide.




If you are the organizer of the event, then it is your job that everyone arrive safely on your venue. Also, you have to ensure that no one leaves the place alone or without your permission. If possible, you must require everyone to stay with the group at all times to make sure that no one gets harmed or lost.


Emergency Preparedness


Not everyone in the group is physically strong and healthy, so it is necessary to prepare a medical kit that you can use in case someone gets ill in the middle of the affair. Try bringing a nurse or someone capable of treating a disease.

Hand out your Rules


Rules shall include the separation of men and women, confiscation of communication devices that might interrupt the event. Books and toys must not be allowed as well. Everyone must wear proper clothing. Meditating and praying doesn’t require fancy and revealing clothes. Light colored apparels are highly recommended to promote lighter feeling.
These are just guidelines on how to plan for a successful retreat. In the end, it is still up to you on how to maintain the smooth flow of the event. The whole point of the process is not simply coming up with strategies and activities that is relevant to school and life, but to promote actions that can develop one’s personality and change a person’s negative view about life.

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