Planning for a Garden Wedding

June is always dubbed as the most popular month for couples to get married. Today, as the weather begins to warm up, couples would prefer to find a wedding location wherein they can witness a beautiful scenic view and a refreshing atmosphere while exchanging their vows. Some would still keep it old school and stick on getting married in a church, but majority would prefer something dreamier and choose to have a garden wedding instead.

  • In order to achieve the perfect outdoor wedding, the first step is of course, to find the perfect wedding venue in Tagaytay or in any of your preferred location. Before deciding, ask the persons in charge if the venue is available on your planned date and see if the place is just perfect for your budget. Raise your concerns and see if they can accommodate you with all your wedding needs. Lastly, evaluate the entire place and the staff and see if it will still be in its heavenly feel on the day of your wedding.
  • Once you’ve decided on your location, start coming up with the perfect wedding setup. Just because the garden looks extremely beautiful doesn’t mean you don’t need to add extra decorations on it. In doing this, consider your guests and make sure that everyone will be given a comfortable sitting area during the whole ceremony. It’s up to you if you want to keep the setting plain and simple, or colorful and lively. Just remember to maintain the elegance of the place given that you’re going to commemorate a formal ceremony. You can come up with three set of themes and then have your family and friends help you decide which to apply.
  • At this moment, the weather always seems to be unpredictable and surprising. So for a faultless wedding, have a tent set up on your venue. The tent can soften the strong rays of the sun and at the same time, protect you from the heavy drops of the rain.

Now that the venue is all set, start planning on the catering, your documents, your wedding attires, your props and your reception area. Give plenty of time for all these tasks to make sure that nothing will go wrong on the day of your wedding. It’s going to be your most important, anticipated and unforgettable day of your life so make it as beautiful as the way you want it to be.

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