Questions to Ask before Saying “I Do”

December is not only the Yuletide Season but also has become known as the wedding month aside from June. Are you amongst those who want to end year with a bang? If yes, then you better start planning your own wedding and make sure to book the grandest wedding venue in Tagaytay like Villa de Oro as early as possible.


Couples decide to get married because of many reasons and one of the most abused is “LOVE”. Of course, love should always be present, but come to think of it, is it really enough? Anyway, without further ado, here are a few questions you should ask yourself, as well as your “soon-to-be husband or wife” before deciding to tie the knot:

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Why are you getting married?
Why? Everything has a reason, and if you can’t find an answer to this simple question, then you better stop and think for a while. Make sure that you and your partner are fully aware of the responsibility that comes with marriage.


Have you found the right one?
How to know if you’ve found the right one? It’s simple – “You’ll just know”. It’s easier if you’ve been together for years and by hook or by crook survived a couple of challenges. Ask yourself again, if you can live the rest of your life with the person you are with now and if without any doubt you can proudly say “yes,” then, go ahead, marry that person!


How well do you know your soon-to-be better half?
Have you met your soon-to-be in-laws? How about his or her siblings? Aside from knowing the “family tree,” try to dig deeper. Check their family health history, background and other important details that might affect your relationship in the future. It’s okay to investigate, and after doing so, and you still find yourself head over heels with your partner, then congrats!


Are you prepared?
Physically, financially, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically – all these factors need preparation. Stability as well will determine how far or how strong your marriage will be, if it can withstand life struggles. Never settle just because you are at the right age, rather, settle down when you’re matured enough to understand the very essence of getting married.


Spending the rest of your life with your better half and building your own family is the greatest and most satisfying journey you can ever experience. Take it slow and use your head. Marriage is a long term commitment, that should be taken seriously.

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