Reasons to Organize a Team Building

On our previous articles, we discussed the importance and purpose of having a school retreat or a company team building. The annual event is an effective development exercise that promotes teamwork, maturity and consistency when it comes to working. Although these are the main objectives of having a team building, but little do we know that there are other reasons and purposes why an organization or a company need to organize a team building.


Send Off Party


In every organization, there will come a time wherein the persons you get to share the most memorable experiences with for the longest time really have to say goodbye. Before that day comes, you’ll plan of doing something special for those people – an activity that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Team building is undoubtedly the most ideal for them as it involves everyone they have been with throughout the long journey of your organization.


Welcome Party

In line with the send-off party, this welcome party goes out to the new members of your organization who pledged to give their full commitment to the team. As the saying goes “When one person leaves, another one arrives”. Given the fact that they will be hanging out with the whole organization as a newbie, they do deserve to have this team building for them to know more about the company, the people behind it, and how things are going to be for the next years.


Anniversary of the Organization


Aside from hellos and goodbyes, team buildings can also be your organization’s form of celebrating your anniversary. You can use this event or exercise in honoring where, when and how your company or org started. It is something worth celebrating for since you would not be in that position without the existence of the organization. It can also be the perfect time to gratify the founders of your team and thank them for creating the group you and your mates learned to love the most.


By finding the perfect team building venue in Tagaytay, in Baguio, in Batangas, or in Manila even, you’ll definitely be free to do whatever you want provided that you have a list of activities that you guys can enjoy during the team building. For these events, you can prepare a video presentation, saying your goodbyes, hellos, and congratulations. You can also create a small documentary of how your company or how your organization started and execute some entertaining performances. These and a series of fun games can absolutely make your team building one of the most cherished and remarkable days of your lives.

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