School retreat and Three Essential Factors to Consider

School retreat and three essential factors to consider

Having a school retreat is a wonderful way of giving students that great opportunity to gain knowledge about significant things outside the campus. Being engaged in this kind of activity allows students and teachers become ready for new experiences, more importantly, improve each and every student’s view on things. It’s a learning process that could be essential for human maturity. It’s a mixture of fun games, superb activities, mouth-watering foods, and lots and lots of laughter and tears.

Every school that wants to have the most memorable school retreat will definitely find the ideal retreat house in Tagaytay. The location is well-known and considered one of the most pleasant places to visit as it always provides refreshing and endearing atmosphere. If your school aims to lighten up and relax for a day or two, then this is the perfect destination. Do all the fun activities without limits.


Why rent an enormous venue if you’re not going to make use of its wonderful amenities?
It is always a must to maximize the whole place by either having a scavenger hunt or “The Amazing Race” type of games to measure everyone’s competence and capability. Playing games is a helpful method that helps develop the students’ teamwork and strategy, and way of socializing.


ReflectA retreat will not be complete without the reflection. This activity is every student’s chance to open up and explore new things about each other. Opening up is beyond doubt an effective way of releasing negative emotions. It settles bad quarrels, eliminates hard feelings, and enhances positive emotions, leading to a tighter and stronger relationship.


RelaxSince everyone has found the perfect time and place to relax and just be free from all the nerve-wracking school works, might as well make the most out of it, right? Retreat houses are created to provide comfort and leisure, making it possible to escape from the complicated atmosphere of the urban. While you’re still in that heavenly place, sing, dance, eat a lot, talk to everyone, jump around, do the cartwheel, and simply let go of all your unwanted emotions. Do everything that makes you feel better It’s nice to study and go back to work with that revived feeling and a developed personality.

Make your most awaited school retreat possible. Visit us at Villa De Oro Tagaytay.

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