Should You (Or Not) Plan Your Wedding In December?


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For some, the idea of getting married during the Yuletide Season is as romantic as a Nicholas Sparks novel, and we don’t blame them. Imagine having your Tagaytay wedding in a venue enveloped by twinkling lights, while a sprig of mistletoe hangs from the entryway. Though most people stick to having weddings in June, here are some reasons why you should (or should not) be different and plan your wedding this season:

The pros

Off season

Weddings are commonly scheduled during May, June and July, which means looking for a wedding venue in Tagaytay will be like looking for a needle in a haystack during these months. During December, very few wedding venues get booked because a.) it’s the season for family events, and b.) Tagaytay is cold enough in the other months, so why have your wedding in the coldest season of the year? Suppliers and venues may even be willing to give you a discount because very few couples get married during this month. And because it is an off season, you’ll have less competition in getting the best suppliers. Prices also tend to be cheaper and you may be able to wiggle some bonuses in your negotiations.


Family time

Us Filipinos love family gatherings and get togethers, that’s why Christmas season is such a big deal. Having your wedding during this season means than most (if not all) of your loved ones will be able to attend. Those who are away during the most part of the year will surely be home of Christmas. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! And because Christmas season comes only once a year, everyone will surely be in a festive mood. So less negative vibes on your big day, the happier the celebration will be.


The dress

Having your wedding during the colder months allows you to become as creative with your wedding dress as possible–and you won’t get judged for it. It is the perfect time for long sleeved dresses, thick fabric, bolero and even coats!

The cons


December is a peak season which makes it difficult for people to travel from Manila, and your entourage who will be flying in for you wedding are no exception. Since Christmas is the busiest time of the year, it may be also be difficult to book a photographer, a Tagaytay wedding venue, or even a caterer. Furthermore, your guests have already spent their budget on home decor, Christmas gift and the noche buena menu. They may be a bit hesitant to bring you gifts, or pay for a ticket or a hotel, lessening the chances that they will be able to witness your special day.


Guests absences

December is filled with holidays which many see as the perfect time to rest and spend some quality time with their loved ones. And as much as you programmed your wedding in Tagaytay to double as a meaningful family gathering, it’s inevitable for some of your guests have their own plans with their respective families. You have to accept the fact that because it is a holiday season, your wedding may take the back burner when it comes to your guests’ plans. You have to be prepared that not everyone in your guest list will be able to attend your big day.



While the Philippines is already renowned for the dire state of its streets courtesy of the heavy traffic, it gets worse during the holiday season. A lot of people go to Tagaytay during the holidays, so nailing down the logistics of your wedding may be a challenge.


December weddings are definitely romantic, but it’s not for everybody. If you want a big wedding where every person in your guest lists are in attendance, then maybe this month may not be the right time for you. Furthermore, the already cold weather, coupled with the cool Tagaytay air may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so they may find it difficult to enjoy your big day. But if you love the idea of starting the next chapter of your life a few days before (or after) Christmas, then a December wedding is just right for you. But no matter what season you want to celebrate your wedding in, embrace it! After all, you and your partner’s comfort and enjoyment should be your main priority. If your guests love you, they’ll drag themselves from any party just to celebrate this special day with you.


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