Tagaytay: Neareast Adventure Hub from the Metro

One does not need to fly millions of miles away from home to experience having the ideal tranquil getaway. Hailed as the “City of Character” and the Philippines’ second Summer Capital”, Tagaytay City is an endearing destination that has incomparable tourist spots, parks, and surroundings that you and your family will surely love. Enclosed with a welcoming community, Tagaytay provides good accommodation and services not just to their citizens, but to their lovely visitors and tourists as well. If you’re aiming to have a sweet escape from the noise and scuttle of the urban, then this idyllic city is the perfect choice.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaPull off an Adventure

Adventurous individuals shall not leave Tagaytay without attempting to cross the Taal Lake. A boat will take you around one of the biggest lakes in the Philippines, plus, the perks of going face-to-face with the famous Taal Volcano. Wouldn’t it be nice to rather be close to one of the most mesmerizing spots in the Philippines than just simply looking at it from a distance?

imagesHaving a Glimpse of all the Attractions

The People’s Park, the Highlands Complex and Sonya’s Garden are some of the most compelling landmarks in Tagaytay that always grab the attention of each visitor. These attractions can automatically keep people away from everything that may cause stress, which they often experience in the urban. It’s always comforting to be surrounded by a stunning landscape and be yielded by the soothing echo of the nature’s hum


Luscious Dine-In

A Tagaytay visit would not be complete without trying out the cooking in its different restaurants. Eating places like Antonio’s, Bag of Beans, and RSM Lutong Bahay serve the most reasonably priced good food that will surely please your cravings. Why call it a vacation if you’re not going to return home with a full stomach?


If you, your family, and your friends are more than eager to achieve these exciting goals in a matter of days, then I propose to come and visit the mesmerizing haven in Villa De Oro – Tagaytay. VDO is a beautiful retreat house composed of mansion-like quarters, friendly people and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, you will not fail to spot some of the mesmerizing attractions all around Tagaytay, as the greenery of Villa De Oro can completely satisfy your senses


You and your group can always come up with the most unique activities that can test your capability when it comes to physical movements. Also, If you’re aiming to savor the most mouthwatering dishes, then VDO has the most talented cooks who can serve the most appetizing and delectable chows just for your taste buds.

Visit Villa De Oro Tagaytay and have the most unforgettable escapade of your life.


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