Tagaytay Wedding Venue: Guide and Tips

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Almost every girl’s dream is to have a glamorous and memorable wedding – and Tagaytay is one of the best places to hold it. Tagaytay is go-to place in south of Luzon when you need to escape from the city life. Its cool breeze, beautiful ambiance and scenery is perfect for a dream wedding you always wanted. In this article, we provide you a list of things that you can enjoy in your Tagaytay wedding.

Garden Prenuptial Shoots
Imagine your photos in mountains, greeneries, and an overlooking view of the city from a cliff. That’s how your pictures will look like in your garden prenuptial shoots. The ambiance will also help you express your love and emotions in the photos making them a perfect wedding memory for you to cherish.  

Breathtaking Views
Having a wedding in Tagaytay is a sure treat for your guests. It’s near Manila and has refreshing ambiance perfect to give a them a day or two to relax and unwind. They can book a hotel or you can choose a wedding venue with a villa and let them enjoy their free time with nature.

Garden Wedding
Tagaytay is a perfect place for a garden wedding as it gives you a relaxing retreat from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Tagaytay offers a cool climate, privacy and lush scenery that Tagaytay is so famous for. There are venues that offer outdoor and indoor options for your garden wedding too.

Unusual Activities for the Guest
A garden wedding can create several outdoor activities and games that will surely entertain your guests and at the same time, can also make your wedding more memorable. For example, you can place a giant board game at your wedding reception and those who participated in the game will get a surprise gift from the couple.

Creative Giveaways
Wedding giveaways are one of the most anticipated elements during your special day. And since you are already in Tagaytay, why not give souvenirs that the place is famous for such as succulents, coffee, pies, and tarts. Just give them a whole new twist to make them unique and useful for your guests.

Remarkable Wedding Photos
Your dream wedding will not be complete without your wedding photos. While it takes a lot of time and effort to call everyone for a group photo, each snap will be worth it as you’ll have picturesque view of your tagaytay wedding venue. The sunset, the nature and the special people who witnessed your special day.

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