Team Building Activities in Tagaytay You Can Try


Team building activities are arranged not only to help the employees let off some steam, but also to rekindle the sense of teamwork among each other. It is an opportunity to rekindle the employees’ awareness and interest in the organization. This results to the employees’ renewed motivation to contribute in the company’s attainment of its vision, and even revive love for his/her work.


The best way to make your team building event work is to organize activities that will rekindle their sense of teamwork and let them enjoy time away from the stress and responsibilities of their job.


Collaborative group activities

Collaborative group activities requires the attendees to work together. When people work together to achieve a goal, such as solving a riddle, they become driven to collaborate ideas and give suggestions, both of which are important in establishing teamwork in the workplace. Activities such as scavenger hunts work well as a collaborative team activity because everyone in the group will have to contribute ideas and skills to finish the task.


Outdoor group activities

Outdoor group activities are opportunities for the employees to work together outside the confines of the office. Letting your team spend a day out closer to nature helps refresh their minds and take a breather from the worries and responsibilities of their job.


Team building venues in Tagaytay, are great for outdoor team building activities because of its picturesque view and cool climate. Whether it’s an enjoyable activity like group games, or more structured team building activities like an obstacle course, or scavenger hunt, any activity under the morning sunshine gives participants an added boost.


Food centered group activities

The attendees may have different interests and hobbies but one thing is for sure: food will definitely bring them together. You can negotiate with the team building venue if they can arrange food centered group activities for your employees, such as cook offs and workshops. It’s also a great way for the attendees to communicate and get to know each other better because activities like this get each member involved. Food centered group activities require creativity, as well as their team and leadership skills.



Activities like workshops, training, seminars and talks are effective in achieving improvement in the workplace because it helps create initiatives, plans, process and actions necessary to achieve particular business and organizational aims. Many team building venues have amenities, like functions rooms, that allows you to try different types of team building workshops and exercises.


Professional development workshops allow employees to bond while providing them with an opportunity to learn and develop their skills. These workshops can be related to their job, or one that touches a broader topic such as a leadership seminar. These activities also let them learn new things related to their field and generate ideas they can apply to their job.


Team building activities allow the employees to destress, and allow them to get to know one another outside the professional environment of the office. Look for a team building venue in Tagaytay away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, and closer to the serenity of nature. That way, they will be more free and comfortable to interact and work together with other people.


Try team building activities that will not only challenge your employees individually, but also motivate them to built rapport with their co-workers. Once they have established good relationships through the team building activities, it will be easier for them to work together and collaborate inside the workplace.  (photo courtesy of Pinterest)

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