The Secret To An Effective Team Building

We all know what usually happens at a team building, fun activities, traditional group games, contest and much more. The aim of team building is to build trust and cooperation as well as strengthening your ties with each other. But nowadays, the traditional team building often fails. Most of the time it doesn’t build a clear, strong bridge between your employees and you’ll end up wasting time, money and effort.


Team buildings can be fun especially if you do it right. So below are the secrets to an effective team building.


Team Building Venue


Ditch the traditional team building activities.


Team buildings often have planned out activities and yes the intentions behind those activities are good but they can also feel forced and awkward, not everyone is athletic and are up for these games. Take a field trip, go swimming or camp outside and have dinner afterwards. The best team buildings are the ones that feels like a date where your employees can talk freely and enjoy the moments, something that they can put on their Instagram accounts.


Get away from any business/office topic.


A fun team building should never feel like you’re still in the office. There should be no boss, no ranking, no office topics whatsoever. Your employees need to feel like they’re with their friends instead of their bosses so they would be more comfortable opening up and being themselves.


Ask everyone on what they want and don’t want to do.


Learning things is not as easy as it seems, you need to enjoy what you’re doing in order to fully absorbed the lessons. It applies to almost everything, for sure you still remember the lessons in your favorite subject back in college but you can’t remember a thing in the subjects that you deeply hate. It’s the same thing for team building, if you found out that some of your employees is afraid of the the water, then why not help them conquer that fear? You all can bond over at the pool, have some picnic and teach them how to swim, it’ll be more fun plus helping each other get through their fears.


Villa De Oro Team Building


Keep in mind that a team building is an important investment.


Team building is an important investment that’s why don’t just skimp and pick any venue but don’t go too much fancy either. Among all the team building venues you need to pick the right one where you can have loads of fun activities but at the same time relax and bond with each other.




Remember, the key in order to build trust and cooperation within your team is communication so a great activity that you can have is to bond. Don’t give that boss talk where you interview them “how are you doing at work” etc, because it will lead to more business talk. Try to talk to them like a friend, know their interest, their funny moments, their stories about family and friends and also share your own stories. If laughter, excitement and happiness is present then you’re on the right track. Keep in mind that the best team building will always be the one you want to remember and do it again.


Carry the good vibes at the office.


Like mentioned, team building is an important investment so once you had your successful investment, it’s time to make it grow. Now that you all feel closer to each other it is likely that they’ll stay in your company and be more productive. Continue to listen to them and voice out your thoughts too. Respect and appreciate their efforts and tasks no matter how big or small they are to the company, that way communication, trust and cooperation will be achieved.