The Value of Humor in Team Buildings

In life, the best learning experience is when you’re happy and having fun. Laughter always makes everything more pleasant and it often expands the bond between families and groups. Same goes on retreats, seminars and team buildings. In every team building held in Tagaytay, it is best to let everyone do things that will give them the freedom to laugh, loosen up, and lighten up for a fun gaming experience. The permission to find complete happiness in their work must be given and most importantly, these people must be inspired and joyful to favorably create ideas and solutions toward solving problems.


Laughter is always the best Medicine


Laughter is infectious and it increases happiness to those who are lucky enough to catch it. A good chuckle can always break tension and ease conflict. In times of pressure, laughter can always build up a renewed sense of focus not just for one person, but for the whole group.


Humor Builds Strong Teams


The team that laughs together works well together. A good laughter often breaks the barrier between team members and promotes a sense of unity in any workforce. Often, humor reminds students and employees that they are working on a same team and that they need to be in the game together and as one. To build good rapport, being serious is not an option. Laugh it off, people!


Glee Promotes Motivation


Humor encourages cooperation and minimizes conflicts between the groups. It minimizes stress, lightens up the mood of everyone and keeps the positive energy coming in every activity. When the happiness is high, team members get along better that keeps everyone motivated to winning and most importantly enjoying the entire game.


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