Things to Bring on Your Next Team Building

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You’re reading this because you might have no idea what to bring to your upcoming team building. You’re worried of packing too much, but you’re also anxious about not bringing the important stuff. Don’t worry! We’re here to give you some guidelines on what to pack for a hassle free team building.


Rain gear


The weather nowadays is unpredictable.It can be sunny and bright when you arrived in the team building venue, but it may rain the in middle of your activities. If you find lugging an umbrella around inconvenient, you can just bring raincoats which can be folded to fit a small bag. You can also bring waterproof shoes in case the venue gets slippery when it rains.


Comfortable clothes


You don’t know what you’re going to do in your team building activities, except during the event itself. You’re probably going to be running around the venue all day for the games and other physical activities so make sure to bring comfortable shoes and clothes with you.




Team building venues in tagaytay lets you bask in the warm glow of the sun. Prolonged and unprotected exposure to the sun for a long period can be harmful to your skin. Make sure to protect your skin from sunburn and allergies by applying sunscreen before stepping out. Some sunscreens works for only a few hours, so don’t forget to reapply when you feel like you’re getting too exposed to the sun again.


Insect repellant


Mosquitoes thrive during the rainy season. Keep away from insect bites by brings along insect repellants with you.




You’re going to be active all day from all the  activities you will be participating in. Your team building venue will mostly likely have potable water. But it’s better to be prepared by bringing your own drinking water. Keep yourself hydrated by bringing along your water during the activities.




As we have previously mentioned, the weather nowadays is unpredictable. This makes you susceptible to different illnesses such as colds and fever. Worse, the humid air and pollens can trigger allergies. Make sure to bring medicines with you, especially if take maintenance medicines, or if you have allergies. If you have medicines which cannot be easily bought in convenience stores, make sure to pack those in your bag.  


Hygiene kit


You’re going to feel sticky and sweaty after a long day of participating in the activities. At the end of the day, you’re going to want to take a hot bath. Don’t forget to bring a hygiene kit with you so you won’t have to go through the hassle of looking for a store which sells shampoos. For girls, there is a possibility that your team building will not coincide with ‘that’ time of the month. Team building venues have their own convenience stores where you can buy these. But what if you’re in the middle of your scavenger hunt when you suddenly started getting cramps? For good measure, bring along with you a handy hygiene kit which contains wet wipes, extra band-aids, sanitary pads and even extra underwear. Pack it small but complete so it won’t be heavy in your handy bag.  


Make sure not to overpack (to the point that you can barely lift your bag from the ground), nor underpack (where you only brought the bare essentials—and nothing else). Be alert of the weather forecast to have an idea of what to bring. Also, take note of the duration of your stay in the venue, and what activities you will do. You’ll be able to enjoy your team building if you don’t have to worry about emergencies because you already have what you might need handy. And don’t forget to bring:


Your smile 🙂


Your team building doubles as your company’s treat. Relish the free time to have fun and bond with your co-workers. Remember that pictures look better when you smile, so don’t forget to bring it along on your next team building. Enjoy!

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