Things to do on the Last Days of School

It’s the last week of February, ladies and gentlemen! And we all know that it means summer is approaching very, very soon and school is about to end. While few are looking forward to saying goodbye to their books and pens, many are feeling lonely with the thought of having to bid farewell to their friends. Well, given the fact that the clock gets slower as summer gets closer, here are some fun and exciting things to accomplish before your schools close their doors for the last time this school year.


A Crazy Little Thing Called LoveYearbook Signing


Since you’re definitely going to miss your schoolmates and you’ll probably not see some of them anymore, why not grab a yearbook or a scrapbook and ask your closest friends to sign in it for you? Allow them to write a simple message so that you’ll have something to glance at during the summer or after a few years. To make the signing more memorable, why not copy “Crazy Little thing Called Love’s” method, which is the signing of uniforms? Wear your favorite or your least favorite blouse at school and then let your peers sign on it.

downloadTeam Building


If you’re a member of an organization in your school, you can arrange a team building and encourage your members to join. Aside from getting together and partying for the last time, this team building can also serve as a “goodbye” or “send-off” party to the members who are set to graduate this year. Ask for the help of some of your co members in organizing the event and in choosing the best team building venue in Tagaytay or in any place nearby.Since this is going to be a once a year experience, make this special and unforgettable not just for your members but also for yourself. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to recall this summer?


images (2)Be Crazy

As the last day of school approaches, make sure to do something you’ve never done before. Don’t do something creepy and dangerous though. For instance, if you haven’t ever talked to your crush, forget being bashful and take the risk to finally talk to your crush. This simple move can definitely put a smile on your face, and maybe your crush’s face as well, right?  Also, you can ask your favorite professor to go out with you and your friends. It’s always exciting to see how your professors are outside the campus. And oh, don’t forget to say “Thank you”. Say “Hi” to someone you’ve never ever talked to and maybe do the cartwheel on your huge quadrangle. Feel free to do anything as long as it does not violate the school’s policy and it won’t cause harm.

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