Things You Should Know When Planning A Tagaytay Wedding Reception

Next to the ceremony, the reception of your Tagaytay wedding is another huge concern that must be planned carefully. Without an organized plan, your wedding reception can turn from a heartfelt meal you will share with the special people in your life, into a fiasco that can spoil your big day.


We understand that you want your Tagaytay wedding to be perfect, where everyone is happy with the outcome of the event. But there are things you should know when planning your Tagaytay wedding reception, especially if you are planning to host a large crowd:


Not everyone is going to love your reception

A sad fact, but it’s the truth. Your wedding is a personal event, one that (must) reflect you and your partner’s personalities and interests. And just like any other aspect of your life that you share with other people, not everyone is going to love every minute of it. Your food may be too bland, the venue too crowded, or the servers not efficient enough—your guests are bound to have a feedback on your event. Be prepared for snide comments  and even unsolicited pieces of advice from guests and relatives, and deal with them without spoiling your special day.


You are responsible for the alcohol intake of your guests

things you should know when planning a tagaytay wedding reception


The moment you decided to serve alcohol to your guests in your Tagaytay wedding reception makes you responsible for their alcohol intake.  An open bar may be the couple’s display of generosity, but to the guests, it means free alcohol all night. To keep your guests controlled, hire experienced bartenders who can recognize a guest who’s having too much to serve cocktails and drinks to keep the alcohol regulated in the venue.


You should be mindful for any allergy

Before finalizing the menu, should know which of your guests have food allergies, or a religion that forbids them from eating a certain type of food. What they eat in the event may not be your responsibility, but you can be considerate enough to ask them for any type of food they cannot eat to give them a chance to enjoy your well planned menu.


It can be expensive if you are going to serve every kind of meal there is. Before nailing down you catering, ask your family members and guests for any food and drink allergy they may have to save yourself from any casualty that may arise that can spoil your special event.


Your budget is important —for everything

From your decorations, to your menu–your budget determines the look of your wedding day. It’s easier for your wedding planner to create a beautiful wedding when they know how much you are willing to spend. Decorating a Tagaytay wedding venue can take a few thousands of pesos off your budget, depending on the number of guests you expect to attend, and the theme. On top of that, you also have catering, decorations and even transportation to consider when deciding budget allocations.


Your budget, coupled with your wedding planner’s creativity and connections, can make or break a potentially memorable wedding, so it’s important that you are honest with your wedding planner about your budget.


Know what you want

A fickle minded person is difficult to work with. The same thing is true when planning a wedding. It helps if you go to your wedding planner with a vision of what you want for you big day, or at least some rough ideas about it. Having an idea of what you want for your wedding makes your wedding planner’s job easier. But–


You should learn to compromise

We know that it’s difficult to compromise your wedding, especially when you have been dreaming of this day since you were a child.  You hired a wedding planner for the sole purpose to make your big day beautiful and seamless. But part of getting the job done requires teamwork between you and you wedding planner. It includes learning to compromise and being open to changes and suggestions made by your wedding planner, especially if you are working with a limited budget.


A good wedding planner can create a beautiful wedding, no matter how much you are willing to spend on your special event. It’s already a challenge for them to work on a budget, and the least you can do to help them is learning to compromise for the sake of practicality and efficiency.


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