Throwing a Memorable Christmas Party

Christmas is the time of the year wherein you get to spend a special time with your friends, family and mates together. As it is the season to be jolly, opening your doors for a Christmas party over the holiday season is definitely a good way to make the season extra special and memorable.

The whole planning process may be stressful and expensive, but there are certain ways on how to save energy and money on the memorable Christmas Party of the year.


It is much more exciting to attend a party with a theme, so first decide on a party theme. Let it be a red carpet theme, a child’s party theme, a zombie apocalypse theme – anything! As long as it is approved by majority and it won’t be too difficult to pick out a costume.

Secondly, decide on the date for the party. It is best to gather your friends, family or teammates and have them vote for the most ideal date for the event. Do not decide alone. Remember, the party wouldn’t be complete without the participation of them invited guests. Also, it is important to know as early as possible how many can make it to the party to have an idea on the amount of food you’re going to need.  For positive results, the whole planning process must be done in advance.


To make your party extra special, let your party be held some place far away from home. Here in the Philippines, Tagaytay is the most ideal location. It is not that expensive and most of you will definitely enjoy the weather. Wouldn’t it be great to perform so many physical activities and not feel the sweat pouring out of your skin because of the calm and cold climate?

Tagaytay has numerous existing team building venues and retreat houses that can also serve as the perfect Christmas party venue for the whole family. By keenly picking the right place, all planned activities will be properly accomplished and all guests, no matter how many, will be accommodated properly.


To make this process more exciting and fun, schedule a day for decorating your chosen venue with your favorite mates. Decorating can definitely increase the excitement of pushing through the party.   Keep it nice and simple to avoid the stress of cleaning up right after.


We all know that a party would not be complete without all these delicious chows. To save money in presenting the most delicious meals, invest for a buy one take one free offers in different stores. Just make sure to check when exactly the expiration date of each is. As long as they are in date, everything will turn out just fine. Happy tummy will officially be guaranteed!

Be Anything But Ordinary

If you’re really that eager to throw a memorable party, plan on something that hasn’t been done yet, or something that is new to the eye of majority. Why not throw a zombielicous dance number that would surprise the audience? Or give unexpected prizes that could double the happiness of the crowd? Do give away cute stuff that will remind each and everyone of the exceptional party they have attended years ago. They need not be expensive. As long as the effort is seen, it’ll definitely lead to a thumbs up!


A Christmas party is a great time to relax and get to know your team even more without personal, academic, or business issues getting in the way. It’s a pleasant way to socialize with everyone that can maintain the positive energy of everyone in the room.

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