Tips For Planning A Garden Themed Debut


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Choose a specific garden theme

From a cute garden tea party to Alice in Wonderland, you can choose whatever theme suits your wedding and add your own little twist. It can be like Alice in Masqueradeland  or maybe instead of a tea party, you make it a hot chocolate party; classy and sweet. Don’t lock yourself in the nature-related ideas just because you’re having a debut garden theme. Think out of the box and add your own personality to it. The best thing about garden debuts is that you can be as creative as you want to be. Be unique and your party will surely be unforgettable.


Consider your guests

In planning your garden themed debut, you need to consider your guests in everything. For instance, are they picky eaters? Will they be coming from far away places? If you want everybody to show up and have a good time, you need to meet them halfway. Of course it’s impossible to accommodate each of their needs but you have to at least think twice about every decision you’ll make. At the end of the day, you’re still the celebrant so wouldn’t it be lovely if  you get what you want and at the same time, let your guests enjoy it?


Book the right venue

There are so many venues to choose from and they can be different from one another. If you want a spacious garden with fresh breeze of nature for your debut, try some popular wedding or team building venues in Tagaytay. Your guests will surely enjoy every moment of your party under the moonlight and shining stars.  

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Floral is the key

What’s a garden themed debut without flowers? Flowers are not just decorations for nothing. You can have fun with them by pressing them one by one and including them in your invitations. Make some floating flowers too, for centerpieces. Get some bowls fill them with water and put some flowers in it, add a little sazz by lighting up some candles.


Another thing you could do with flowers is put them as the photo backdrop in a photo booth, imagine green leafy backdrop surrounded by flowers.


The ideas for garden debuts are endless. There’s so much more you could do about it and the best thing about having your garden-themed debut is your chosen venue is already beautiful.  You just need to have fun with it and be creative. It’s romantic, elegant and fresh.

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