Tips in Finding the Right Retreat House and Seminar Venues in Tagaytay


Seminars, retreats, and team building are occasions that bring co-workers and employees closer outside the four sides of the office. It is held for the sole purpose of establishing a deeper connection between the participants, thus resulting to better group performance.

Some may think that planning the whole thing is simple, gather the troupe, get a reservation at some facility, and viola! But it’s not. Aside from the right location, there are many things to consider to the ensure the effectiveness of the event.

Since bonding and connecting are the main goals of the seminar or retreat, a scenic and quiet location would be best. Ideally, it is meant to take the groups mind off the hustle in the urban city and get them to focus on their activities to relax and unwind.

There are many popular seminar venues down south and Tagaytay is classified as one of the ideal sites for retreats and seminars. But how could you find the right retreat house in Tagaytay which offers special packages in a affordable price, we help you maximize your budget.

Is the venue sustainable for the occasion?

Some sites are especially made to suite a certain occasion, be sure to attend to this. There is nothing more nerve wracking than organizing an event that turns out to be a flop, due to the wrong location for the activity. Holding a seminar is an entirely different ordeal than a retreat. With that in mind, Villa De Oro Tagaytay provides seminar venues, as well as retreat houses. You can find out about the suitability of the venue by contacting the site or simply browsing an updated website.

Rooms Offered

Seminars, retreats, weddings or any group activity usually takes up to three days. As an effective planner, not only would you consider the look and feel of the function rooms, but also the other amenities. Such as bedrooms, or dining halls. Remember that for this event your crew’s comfort is top priority. It is also helpful if your chosen venue would provide galleries of their offered rooms, such as Villa De Oro’s.

The Staffs

This includes security officers, hospitable receptionists and staff. And as much as technology could help in virtually taking you on an online tour of the site, this tip requires you to actually visit it. This tip is absolutely important, you wouldn’t want to stay in an unsecured area, with unreliable people. Especially if you’re paying for the whole thing.

Take time to appreciate and inspect your chosen venue to minimal stress upon arrival. It pays to plan ahead, remember to take the above listed into consideration. Enjoy your event, and don’t forget to visit us at Villa De Oro Tagaytay!

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