Tips on How to Choose Flowers for your Wedding Day


Tips on choosing flowers for your wedding

Just a few months from now, you will be having one of the best days in your life – your wedding day. Everything seems so perfect, but you’re still missing one thing. Is this the venue? You can choose from a variety of choices abroad or local such as Tagaytay wedding venues.  Yes, it may look simple but choosing flowers for your wedding may be a little bit confusing especially if it’s your first time.

Flowers have been used in weddings as a way of showing love and best wishes to everyone especially to the bride and groom. Aside from that, flowers also make the wedding day more colorful and memorable. Pictures of your wedding day would really be great if you have good flower arrangements. So here are the tips on how to choose the flowers for your wedding day.


Find a florist

To get the best flowers, you should find a great florist. You can ask recently married friends or family. You can even look for them in the Internet and in just one click, you can find talented and passionate florists. Search for at least three florists so you can have more options. Interview and see which of them would make your day more memorable.

Be prepared with your budget

You should allot at least three percent of your wedding budget for the flowers. You should determine the quantities of the flowers that will be needed so you will know the total price. You have to know the number of guests you expect, the bridesmaids and groomsmen and the number of children, parents and grandparents that will be needing flowers. If you can find a good florist, he or she can suggest smart ways on how to save while still making your big day extra special.


Share your style

You should have a general idea on how your wedding should look like. Is it lavish, simple,or romantic? Better compile all your ideas or get photographs from books and magazines which shows the kind of floral designs that you like. You also have to consider the color of the flowers. Use the color in your invitation or the color of your bridesmaid dresses.


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Flowers make a wedding more beautiful and amazing. Remember that there is no right or wrong flowers, you just have to choose the flowers that best describes your wedding. Good luck and have a wonderful wedding!

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