Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Reward Your Employees


The most important aspect of every corporation is its employees. The work they do puts the company closer to its vision. They accomplish the reports, submit the outputs and create the products the company will sell to its customers. Those may seem like small tasks, but they are important in keeping the company at its peak. They sacrifice their time, effort and even their personal lives just to get their jobs done.


The efforts employees put in their work warrant some reward from their employers as a token of gratitude. After all, behind every successful corporation are its dedicated employees who diligently do their tasks.


So why is it important to reward your employees? Here are some reasons:


Reduces employee turnover


Just as we see short tenures in previous workplaces employees’ resumes bring red flag to us, our employees also look out for companies with high employee turnover rates. Just as we ask them why they left their previous job, they would also wonder why not many employees last for a long time. Making your employees feel that what they do for the company is important motivates them to stay in the company.


Improves team culture


Rewarding your employees inspires them not only to invest in their efforts, but their emotional commitment as well. Seeing that their efforts are appreciated motivate your employees to work harder. A culture of equality and reward motivates them to be more engaged in their work. Positive environments breed employee engagement and make them enthusiastic about going to work.


Improves performance


According to psychology, rewards serve as positive reinforcements. Positive reinforcements strengthen a behavior by providing an outcome an individual finds rewarding. Employees tend to work harder if they know that their effort will result to a good outcome. Rewarding your employees will motivate them to volunteer to do other tasks if they feel like their efforts are being recognized.


An environment where employees feel like they are important motivates them to stay in a company, and that their efforts are recognized. Why not bring them to team building venues in Tagaytay to let them have some bonding time with their bosses, as well as with their peers? Not only that, it’s also an avenue where they can let some steam off, away from the pressures and confines of the workplace.


So why reward your employees? The answer is simple: it’s a way to thank and motivate them  Reward serves as a gesture of thanking your employees for their hard work, and to encourage them to do better.


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