Top Things To Do in Tagaytay

Most people head on to the South like Tagaytay to escape the heat of the sun. Compared with going to Baguio, Tagaytay is just an hour or two away from Manila plus the budget is a lot cheaper as well. That’s why, whenever you feel the need to “detoxify” your mind, this place is a good choice.


So, what’s special about Tagaytay that attracts both tourists and local all year round? Here’s some of the few things you can do here:



We all have problems, right? And most find comfort through eating good food and unwinding in a place with beautiful view. When the stomach is full, our energy is re-charged; plus, it awakens our happy glands, therefore giving us a more positive outlook. Moreover, we need to give our mind some peace and quiet moment. Let it breathe and exhale stress.

Get Married

If you’re not up for a traditional church wedding, a garden wedding is also a good choice. Most prefer this kind of setup because of its “romantic and fairytale-like” feel. The open air has a calming effect perfect for the bride and the groom, as well as to everyone witnessing their special day.  The beauty of nature eliminates the tension for some reason beyond explanation. Enjoy the nature while it’s still there. Check out Tagaytay wedding clips from celebrities, and be inspired.


Team Building
Out of office activity, away from the regular everyday tasks, is probably one of the best “rewards” a company can give to its employees. This is also a perfect time to strengthen the bond of the team, and patch gaps (if ever there’s any). Make it exciting and challenging by planning group activities where everyone will participate, no exemptions allowed. Take advantage of this opportunity to make everybody feel like they really belong and are important to your company.

Life is too short to spend it doing nothing. As long as you have the energy to travel, make it one of your priorities. There’s so much you can do and discover in one place. Be generous to yourself.

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