Wedding Preparation: Have You Found The One? (Part 2)

Keep in mind that while you enjoy your partner’s company, it’s important that  you know how much you mean to him/her not just because you’re the fiance but because you’ll be spending the rest of your life with this person and every minute counts.

Ready for the second part of the article? Read on!

You Respect Each Other
Respect is very crucial in a healthy relationship. Without respect, your relationship couldn’t build a deep and strong foundation. Your partner must appreciate the way you live your personal lives. No doubts, no questions, no hesitations.

She/He Supports your Wants
Your partner should support your wants. If you’re a woman who loves watching makeup videos or loves to shop frequently, your man must completely support you. If you’re a man who loves watching a basketball game or to play online games, your woman must support you also. It’s a matter of understanding and being happy about the personal wants of your partner.

Fights are Just A Matter of Seconds
Misunderstanding is also a usual thing in a relationship. Fights do come everyday. But if you met the one, problems are just a paper that flew immediately in your window. Your partner should not turn the problems into a bigger issues and it should be solve in a simple communication between the both of you.

He/She Thinks About Your Well-being
Before your partner acts in a certain situation, he/she must always consider you and how his/her actions will affect your relationship. No fast and selfish actions without your consent or without thinking about you.

He/She Knows Every Little Detail About You
It is so sweet to know that your partner knows every little thing about you. It just means that your partner is passionate about you. What menu do you prefer every time you’re having a dinner date or what drink is your less favorite, or what type of dress you prefer. Even the Tagaytay wedding venue that you are longing for a very long time, it matters to them.

Your Story is Never Boring
Your love story is never boring even if it is told over and over again. Your partner always shows excitement whenever he/she hears the place where you first started dating or how the both of you decided to have a relationship.  Definitely, if you found the one, there is no boring moment.

Discover and Explore Together
You’re the first in his/her head when it comes to new adventures, things to try and all fun activities he/she wants to do. Your partner wants to open his/her eyes with new things with you. He/she is not selfish but a partner who include you in his/her plans.

Simplest Ways is Enough
Your partner doesn’t mind if you’re celebrating a special day in a simple way. You’re both happy in whatever activities you do together. What matters to both of you is you’re together, happy and contented.

You Can Reveal The Real You With Him/Her
It doesn’t matter if you don’t dress well or you have no makeup on. Your comfortable, can be yourself, and can show the real and sincerest you when you’re together. Being true is a big addition to a healthy relationship.

You Can Feel the Sincerity
You feel it naturally without doubts in your heart and mind. You’ve given your trust and you have no hesitations.

Love is in the air indeed. If you have found the one and his/her characteristics are mentioned here, you should get that wedding plans going. Again, chase what your heart desires and be the best partner you can ever be. Congratulations in advance!


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