Wedding Tips for Pregnant Brides

At this moment, couples tend to get married whilst being pregnant.  Gone are the days wherein brides avoid marching down the aisle with their baby bump obvious at plain sight. Today, whether the bride is pregnant or not, her wedding day is her own time to shine. Pregnancy and marriage are both special events in a couple’s life so both of them have the right to feel proud about celebrating two of the most precious happenings in their life.

How to Feel Comfortable During the Wedding

Be Open Minded

Some members of the family are holding on to the usual marriage tradition that the girl must not get married with a baby bump. If you are caught up with the situation, compassion and understanding must be applied to avoid family arguments before and during the wedding. Take some time to talk to them, tell them that you’re okay, and that you’re more than happy to finally have a family of your own. It is important that they know how you feel for them to have a peace of mind and believe that everything will work out fine.

Organize the Wedding

Pregnant couples usually arrange their wedding at short notice. But, for a joyous marriage, it is important to not let the situation keep you from turning your dream wedding into reality. It’s your big day and you can always choose the best wedding venue in Tagaytay, pick the most elegant dress and order the most scrumptious meals for your guests.  While you’re at it, be sensible enough and accept the fact that you need not deal with all of the work by yourself. Seek help from your family and friends to make sure that you are still in good health.


One of the main challenges is finding the dress that is going to fit perfectly on you. You won’t have an idea of what your body dimensions will be on the day of your wedding so it is best to request for stretchy panels that will give your dress a more pleasing fit on your waist. Also, do not try to cover up your belly. There are many ways on how to expose your baby bump through gorgeous, shiny and shimmering beading.

In selecting a wedding dress, your top priority must be comfort. You can acquire a dress that is filled with stunning designs, but make sure that you’ll be able to breathe easily through the fabric and not itch your way to saying “I do.” For your feet, stay away from high heels. Remember, you are carrying a baby in your belly and you need to walk comfortably on plain, rocky and grassy areas without having to twist those ankles.

Watch What You Eat

No matter how delicious your chows are, do not just eat up and stuff all the food in your mouth. You might not know about it at first, but some of the dishes in your wedding is actually bad for the baby’s health. If possible, ask the food manager to provide dishes that you can easily handle and is a hundred percent safe for you and the baby.


It’s your wedding day, and in just a few months, you’ll be having a baby. There are two major reasons to celebrate and you truly deserve to be extremely happy. Do not let the camera capture those frowns, instead shower it with pure happiness so that when you go back to your wedding album years from now, you will be reminded of how blissful you were during the most special day of your life.


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