What Goes on during a Team Building

Team building activities often have one goal and motto, and that is to build a good and lasting relationship with everyone in your class, in your team, and in your company. It promotes teamwork and It helps every group in communicating with people and performing well in every problem solving skills they are about to do.

In every group, kids and members react to every situation differently which oftentimes lead to misunderstanding. With team building activities, every individual will learn to polish their social skills, boost their confidence and just be comfortable yet careful with their opinions, comments and suggestions.

Top Reasons why it is important for everyone to experience team building

  • To create rapport amongst other groupmates
  • To develop communication practice with everyone
  • To understand the value of cooperation and good teamwork
  • To improve problem solving proficiency
  • To learn to combine competitiveness and having fun

Here’s what happens in every team building activity:

Most team building seminars begin with an ice breaker session wherein a speaker gives everyone a statement that talks about the company, the reason why they’re on having the activity in their chosen team building venue in Tagaytay, and all the activities they’re going to perform throughout their stay. Also, included in this session is the easy exercises, and getting to know each other part to get everyone warmed up during the team building.

Next to the ice breaker session is the main event wherein everyone will have to be part of athletic games and different physical activities. These games are intended to encourage creativity, utilize strength, improve leadership skills and most importantly, act under pressure.

Of course, not everything will go perfectly on your team building, so it is important to have a back-up plan and let everyone know about the situation. It’s a good idea to stop the activity when all else fails, have a discussion about what happened and work together on how to solve it. Do not ever blame anyone and make them feel bad about what happened. Move on to simply coming up how to fix everything.

A great game is always to encourage a healthy competition. It is through this team building that everyone get to break personal walls and learn to trust each other regardless of their differences.

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