Your Wedding Registry Woes, Answered


Along with your invitations and seating chart, another guest related item that you and your planner must settle before the day of your Tagaytay wedding is the gift registry. What gift to buy is a common dilemma for wedding guests, and one way for you to remedy it is to create a wedding registry where your guests can choose which gift they can bring. We also listed below the most common concerns towards having a wedding registry.


Dilemma #1 A registry might make my guests uncomfortable

It’s an admirable trait of Filipinos to be modest when they receive/give wedding gifts. Big or small, a gift is a sign of courtesy, generosity or an act of friendship between both parties. Asking for gifts for your wedding is weird enough, much more telling your guests the particular things you need. What you may not know is that a wedding registry is more helpful than it is a burden for your guests. They would want to get you a gift on your big day as a message congratulating you on a new milestone in your life, so taking the time to pick out things that you want to receive will make the task easier for them.


Dilemma #2 The gifts may be too expensive

A wedding registry allows guests to choose what gift to bring from the couple’s wishlist, depending on their budget. There are a lot of registry websites which offer group gifting option that allows the guest to purchase a portion of the gift without having to coordinate with friends. Or, a group of close friends can pool in their money to buy you something together.


Dilemma #3 My guests are already going out of their way to travel all the way to Tagaytay, won’t a registry be too much?

As part of the etiquette, it is common for guests to bring gift to weddings, even if you’re having the wedding in a Tagaytay venue. Opting for a wedding registry saves your guests from wasting their efforts in buying a gift that you may not need. In fact, opting for a wedding registry is a more cost effective way for them to bring you a gift because it allows them to look at the type of gifts you are looking for that will fit their budget.


Dilemma #4 How many wedding registries should I have?

If you want to play by the rules and avoid the side eye from your guests, stick to at most three (3) registries. You can use one store to register everyday items such as plates, kitchenware and linens, and another for electronics and luxury items. But if you think that most of your guests are on a tight budget, you can still stick to one flexible registry. A universal registry allows you to put together a list of gifts from different sources, ranging from a major retailer, or a local boutique.  


Dilemma #5 How do we let the guests know about the registry?

The first thing you must know about wedding registries is that you should never place it in your invitation. Instead you can make a social media page where you can keep your guests updated on your event, and place there the URL to your online registry.


Creating a wedding registry can be intimidating. Your main concern is that you don’t want to offend anybody by telling them the things you can, and cannot, accept as gifts. But when you think about it, opting for a registry is not only a time saver for them, but is also a more practical way of purchasing wedding gifts. Budget may be important, but your guests would still want to give gifts that will feel personal and meaningful to the both of you. Their efforts won’t be wasted because with a wedding registry, they will be able to bring gifts that you and your partner will surely enjoy, without stressing out your guests on their gift searching journey.  

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